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Lee Ben David's Delightful Single-Use Kitchen Tools

Celebrity chef Alton Brown suggests never buying a tool that can only be used for one thing, so chances are he won't be rushing out to pick up the Very Specific collection by Lee Ben David. 

As the name implies, each piece in the collection is designed for only one specific type of food. One tool is designed for eating artichokes, another for spaghetti,  a design for slicing and spliting pita bread, another for chopped salad, one for eating cherry tomatoes, a combined knife and fork for use at cocktail parties, and yet another for edamame beans. 

The silly stainless steel set is a tounge-in-cheek statement about how disconnected people are from their meals. Lee Ben David says she believes cutlery is a big part of the disconnect, explaining "When it comes to food, one of our most elementary and instinctive needs, we use cutlery as an extension of our body, avoiding the touch of food with our bare hands."

While designing her creations, Lee discovered a ridiculous amount of variation in cutlery, including a knife only for fish. "I’ve decided to demonstrate the extreme situation we’ve gotten into, using my 'very specific' cutlery set," she says, "we seem to forget how much fun it was as kids to eat cake with our bare hands."

"There is a type of product that you don’t really need, but you still want. I hope people will respond to my cutlery set with a smile, that might arise from their sense of criticism. Some people will laugh and others will want the product," she said. Indeed, it's no coincidence that half of the foods she chose for her set are items we commonly eat with our hands and the other half are those difficult to eat even with a fork -like spaghetti. The only one she seems to be serious truly interested in is the knife and fork combo for dinner parties that leaves guests a free hand for holding the plate. "I’m thinking seriously about manufacturing that one," she says.

Via Dezeen

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Lee Ben David's Delightful Single-Use Kitchen Tools
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