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The Spookiest Chair This Side of Halloweentown

We've already showed you how to create a creepy household for Halloween, but if you're one of those people who celebrates the holiday all year, this Coppelius chair is a great place to spook up your space.

Unlike the skull chair we previously featured, this cool and creepy accent piece is subtle, inviting visitors to sit down and relax on its warm wooden seat. It's only when the chair is perfectly lit from the back that you notice the imposing silhouette of a snarling monster.

Yaara Derkel of the Bazelel Academy of Arts and Design strove to incorporate feelings of familiarity and comfort in a design that also reflects our fear of the dark and unknown. The decision to use a wooden chair to express these dueling emotions was a good one, given that wooden chairs are so common we often take their styling for granted -making it easier for her to sneak in the hidden monsterous shadow without raising suspicion in the viewer.

In fact, the creepy silhouette is so subtle, it possible someone could own the chair for years without ever actually observing the intentionally dark figure hidden in the design.

Via Like Cool

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The Spookiest Chair This Side of Halloweentown
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