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This Penguin Can Make Your Swiffer Fun

Few of us actually enjoy chores, but if you use a Swiffer or other floor wipe, this adorable little accessory can make cleaning the floor a little more cheerful. The plush penguin doesn't just look cute, it also helps store extra pads and other cleaning supplies in his playful belly.

If you're absolutely in love with the critter but don't use a Swiffer-style cleaner, you can also use the penguin to cover your tissue box cover -though then you'll miss getting to see him slide on his belly along your floor while you clean.

Designed and sold by Japanese retailer Felissimo, the cute cover can be yours for only $33 -plus international shipping charges. The penguin is only one of the many precious household products available in Felissimo's You + More line that also includes great animal items like this cuddly bear pillow, this adorable lap heater and this bedding set that lets you pretend to be a panda in the circus while you sleep. 

Via Design Taxi

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This Penguin Can Make Your Swiffer Fun
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