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MFRMGR Makes Cubicles That Feel Cozy

There are very few people in this world who actually enjoy cubicles. They are all at once too public and too closed in. They make us feel shut off from co-workers while still feeling like we have no privacy. Worst of all, even when we cover the walls and desks with mementos, nick knacks and photos, the cubicle still feels cold and soulless. But MFRMGR just might change all that with the brilliant cubicle designs they created for Warsaw-based company Decerto.

Decerto wanted their employees to have personal spaces that didn't feel cold and closed off like traditional cubicles, hoping that something a little homely could result in increased productivity. To achieve these goals, MFRMGR created mini-cabins that stretch to the ceiling, providing ample privacy for workers. At the same time, the cubicles are fitted with windows so workers can look out and see what's going on around them, enjoy natural light, converse with those passing by and even store toys and plants on their windowsills. 

The exterior of the cabins is covered in plaster and paint to further sell the illusion and the walls are covered in mirrors to make the entire space seem like a full village with streets and houses galore.

Inside, the wood-lined cabins are fitted with carpet, shelves and even closets to make them feel even more homely. 

Via Dezeen

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MFRMGR Makes Cubicles That Feel Cozy
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