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This Cool Electric Kettle Lets You Heat Only What You Need

Sometimes you need just a little hot water for a packet of oatmeal. Sometimes you need enough for a cup of tea. Sometimes you need enough for a French press coffe maker and every now and then you might need enough for a whole group of visitors. Up until now, you could either use a kettle, which takes way longer than an electric kettle or an electric kettle that needs to be filled to a certain level before you run it -and both devices will limit you to a maximum amount of water.

Thanks to German designer Nils Chudy from studio Chudy and Grase though, you can now heat up as much or as little water as you need. The device, called Miito, uses an induction plate and rod that directly heats the water you need so you don't have to heat more than you need. The device immediately shuts of when your water is heated all the way, again reducing the amount of electricity you need it. 

Just set any iron-free cup, bowl, pitcher, etc. on the base, insert the heating rod and you're ready to go. Best of all, you're not only limited to water. You can also heat milk, soup or any other liquid you need to use and the rod's minimalist shape allows for easy cleaning.

Via Design Boom

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This Cool Electric Kettle Lets You Heat Only What You Need
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