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Whiskey Elements Make Your Spirits Taste More Expensive

Love the taste of fine whiskey but hate the high cost of quality spirits? Then head over to Kickstarter where Portland-based Time & Oak is selling their new tool that claims to make cheap whiskey taste like a delicious, oak-aged treat in only 24 hours. 

Time & Oak argues that whiskey is made great after it is aged in quality oak barels, but that by adding a specially designed oak stick, called a Whiskey Elements, to a bottle of cheap whiskey, you can replicate that experience in a much quicker time frame. In fact, they say their "accelerated transpiration through capillary action" can properly age a cheap whiskey into a quality one within only 24 hours by filtering impurities from the whiskey and infusing addtional wood flavor in the spirit. Chemical analysis of expensive, aged whiskeys, cheap whiskeys and cheap whiskeys that have been filtered with Whiskey Elements show the treated inexpensive whiskey shared more chemical similarities with the expensive spirits than the control whiskey.

It takes one stick to age a fifth and two Whiskey Elements to age a half-gallon bottle and the elements will come in a variety of flavor profiles that will infuse different flavors such as vanilla, maple, smokey and peaty. The flavors are not enhanced with artificial chemicals or flavors, but through a proprietary curing process that adds subtle flavor differences to the wood. Each stick should only be used once for maximum effectiveness.

You can get your own Whiskey Elemements on Kickstarter, starting at only $12 for a set. Impressively, the company still has three days left, but their project has already raised over 8.5 times their $18,000 goal -so if you purchase one, you'll know you're in great company.

Via Design Taxi

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Whiskey Elements Make Your Spirits Taste More Expensive
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