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22 Decorations Perfect For Both Halloween And Christmas

Between the increasing popularity of Nightmare Before Christmas decorations, Halloween trees and spooky wreaths, Halloween and Christmas are becoming increasingly tied in together. For people who love decorations, but hate putting them up and taking them down, this is a fantastic combination because now you can finally decorate for Halloween and leave your embellishments up all the way through the end of the year. Here are a few great ideas for spooky Christmas decorations.

Halloween Trees

These days, lots of people are buying adorable, spooky ornaments to spruce up their Halloween trees. While you can always use a regular Christmas tree for this purpose, the green trees don't look nearly as Halloween-y as black or orange trees. If you want a tree that will work for both Halloween and Christmas though, go for either white or black -both of which work perfectly with a wide variety of ornaments.

Nightmare Before Christmas Tree

Here's an example of how great a white tree can look with the right ornaments -in this case, Nightmare Before Christmas decorations. It's no wonder that this tree looks marvelous when you consider that it was put together by Marvel artist and painter Greg Horns.

Black Magic Tree

On the other hand, while you might expect a black tree to look too dark for Christmas, here's proof that they can actually look quite elegant. Coco & Kelly did an amazing job decorating a stunning tree that would look just as good in October as it would in December.

Vampire Tree Topper

Chances are your existing tree topper wouldn't quite work for Halloween time, but with a little creativity, it's easy to come up with a great topper that will match your multi-holiday decor. This great Nightmare Before Christmas vampire by Christy Pepperd Dawson is a great example.

Silhouette Tree Topper

For something a little more elegant (and available for purchase), this paper tree topper is just creepy enough to fit in with your Halloween decorations, yet beautiful and subtle enough to blend in with Christmas decor.

Candy Corn Garland

Are you someone who just doesn't feel like a tree has been properly trimmed if it lacks garland? Well don't worry, you can combine your holiday fun with a cool DIY candy corn garland. Momtastic shows how easy it is to make with just string, candy corn and a hot glue gun. You could even space it out with some popcorn if you want to break up the colors.

Skull Tree Skirt

Every Christmas tree needs a tree skirt, but if you want one that will feel fitting for both fall and winter, look for bright colors that are appropriate for both seasons. This Day of the Dead tree skirt from Kay's General Store is festive enough to use all the way through the New Year.

Christmas Light Spiders

What's a holiday tree without ornaments? And these cool ornaments by thedustyraven are a perfect way to branch the gap between Halloween and Christmas with their spider shapes and Christmas light bodies.

Nightmare Before Christmas Ornaments

With a little paint and a few markers, you can turn clear Christmas ornaments into Nightmare Before Christmas masterpieces that look great on your multi-holiday tree, just like HolyShiitItsAsh did here.

Headless Horseman Ornament

The coloring and theme of this cute clothespin ornament say "Halloween," but the big jinglebell head says "Christmas." How to solve the conflict? Put this Headless Horseman from ModerationCorner up for both holidays.

Gingerdead Man

What does an undead gingerbread man want for Christmas? The same thing he wants every other day of the year -brains! And this precious ornament by ChaosSquirrel is a great reminder of all we lost in the great Walking Gingerdread wars.

Zombie Santa Ornament

Santa ornaments are pretty much limited to just Christmas trees, but an undead Santa? Now you're talking! This spooky Santa is just perfect for making your Halloween tree just Christmas-y enough to stay on display for the rest of the year. Of course, if you prefer to kiss under the zombie mistletoe, there's also this gory toe ornament available.

Man-Eating Wreath

If you have a tree inside then you might as well have a wreath outside and these days, there are plenty of wreaths that can perfectly straddle the balance between Halloween and Christmas -especially if you're a Disney fan. The Nightmare Before Christmas has inspired many Halloween/Christmas displays and the man-eating wreath is one of the most popular DIY decorating pieces around. DIYNMBC Props can show you how to make your own to scare trick-or-treaters and Christmas carolers alike.

Oogie Boogie and Crew Wreath

By taking advantage of a white, purple and black color scheme, this cool wreath by Super Vixen Bad Girl manages to not be overly Christmas-y or super Halloween-y, making it perfect for both holidays.

Ursula Wreath

Again, the use of colors unassociated with any major holidays makes this wreath by Tis A Season perfect for use during Christmas and Halloween -and even Mardi Gras.

Holiday Pumpkins

Pumpkins are classic icons of autumn, but with a little paint, you can transform your uncarved Halloween pumpkins into Christmas decorations thanks to this tutorial on Club Chica Circle.

Rotoff the Deadnose Reindeer

Keep in mind that a rotting Rudolf and Santa Claus might be a little too scary for a lot of kiddos, but if you really want to go for a creepy Christmas, these decorations will set the scene for scares. PaHalloweenFreak can teach you how to make the props for yourself.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Outdoor Props

The greatest thing about decorating with a theme based on The Nightmare Before Christmas is that it works for both Halloween and Christmas.  There are all kinds of tutorials to make your own characters online, but if you're going for a look that can span the two holidays, consider adding lights and fake snow to your roof and putting Jack in his Sandy Claws suit.

Halloween Forum user Glass Eye did an amazing job with his Jack Skellington and the process sounds fairly simple since it just involves wrapping felt around PVC pipes and using a mask for the face. Once you have your Jack, you'll probably want to have a Sally as well, and perhaps even the Mayor of Halloweentown. DIY NMBC Props has instructions to make both of these a reality. If you want to add some related pieces to help set the scene, the site also has a lot of other great tutorials for all kinds of Nightmare Before Christmas projects.

Put A Santa Hat On It

How do you make a spooky Halloween decoration perfect for Christmas celebrations? A Santa hat, of course, and a few lights and strands of garland. This cheerful skeleton photographed by DeviantArt user Putnish shows that everyone loves a good holiday party -even those who perished long ago.

Apothecary Stocking

You'd look crazy hanging up your stocking before Halloween has even ended -unless it's a delightfully creepy design like this decoration by AijoEcoTotes.

Nightmarish Stockings

Alternatively, Nightmare Before Christmas always manages to blend seamlessly with both holidays and it's hard to beat these precious stockings by Craftster user smashu.

Zombie Nativity Scene

Yes, giving the nativity scene a spooky twist is really pushing the envelope -especially if you live in a very religious area. But if you really want to make your Christmas decorations creepy, a zombie nativity (like the one spotted by Redditor celestialbean) is an effective way to do so.

Sure some of these ideas might seem a bit dark for Christmas, but for dedicated Halloween fans, spookiness is always worth celebrating. If you're looking for a few more Halloween decorating ideas you can create in a hurry, don't miss our past article on last minute decorations for Halloween.

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22 Decorations Perfect For Both Halloween And Christmas
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