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Live Like A Wizard In This Hogwarts-Themed Hotel Room

Harry Potter is possibly the fictional franchise that drives more travel than any other outside of the world of Disney. Universal Studios has created multiple Harry Potter theme parks and visitors to London not only stop by the Warner Bros. Studio that offers Harry Potter tours, but also frequently make the effort to experience the real world locations mentioned in the series. Now a trip to London can become even more immersive thanks to two very special rooms in the Georgian House. The boutique hotel has converted two suites into chambers that are based on the look of the student chambers in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

The so-called Wizard Chambers are adorned with four poster beds, potion bottles, spell books, cauldrons, trunks and more. Of course, you aren't left totally to your own magical devices, the rooms are also equipped with a fireplace, a tea kettle and technological items like televisions. 

A night in the Wizard Chambers will start at around $400 and you might even be lucky enough to enjoy a visit from the hotel's resident ghost as the Georgian House is rumored to be haunted.

Via Design Taxi

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Live Like A Wizard In This Hogwarts-Themed Hotel Room
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