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Katio Makes Pet Ownership A Lot Simpler

Cats are great pets. They're playful, cuddly and just plain cute, but owning a cat usually also means owning a litter box, which is about as far from cute and cuddly as you can get. While your cat is always going to need a place to go potty, the Katio at least makes the kitty bathroom a little easier to deal with.

The clever cat box is designed to fit into a window just like those box air conditioning units. With door flaps, a clear windo and ventilation, the Katio gives your kitten a nice place to sit while he does his business and gives you a less stinky alternative location for your litter box. Additionally, the design makes it easier to clean the litter box since you no longer have to bend over to reach the box. 

For dog owners who are physically unable to take their dog outside every time it needs to releive itself, the company is also releasing a Dogio, which is essentially the same thing only with a ramp or steps to the restroom area. And don't worry about your pooch breaking through the box, the device is weight tested to hold over 300 pounds.

The Katio is raising funds for production through Kickstarter, where you can pre-order your own Katio or Dogio for $250 and $300, respectively. Once the item is in production, you'll be able to order it exclusively through Amazon.

Via Desgin Taxi

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Katio Makes Pet Ownership A Lot Simpler
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