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10 Simple and Beautiful New Year's Eve Party Decorations

Ready to ring in the New Year in style? Well, if you're planning a party, here are a few simple but elegant ideas to really get your party popping.

Photo Backdrops

With Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook on everyone's lips, a great party these days should always have a handy place for guests to take great looking pictures. But you don't need to spend a fortune to make a great New Year's Eve photo backdrop.

Kara Paslay Designs' backdrop (top) takes advantage of gold wrapping paper and foil tinsel curtains to create a multi-colored picture background that guests can interact with, while Oh Happy Day's design(middle) also starts with gold wrapping paper, but then covers the paper with large paper sequins. Either way you go, your guests will be sure to post dozens of happy images from your bash.

Resolution Tree

A central theme for any New Year's party are resolutions to improve over the next year. This resolution tree by Kara Paslay Design allows you to visualize these changes by making a pretty place for guests to write down and display their wishes for the upcoming year.

Balloon Ceiling

Lining your whole ceiling with balloons is a lot easier than it sounds and Wants and Wishes Design can show you how to do it with a few ribbons stringing the balloons across your whole room.

Clock Balloons

Nothing says "New Year's" quite like an abundance of balloons, but if you can't find any specific balloons for this occasion, you can always make your own with a few plain-colored Mylar balloons, some number stickers and solid-colored sticker sheets. Balloon Time can show you how it's done.

Tinsel Numbers

Nothing like adding a little tinsel to you New Year's Eve party and with 2015 sparkling brightly on your wall, your guests will certainly look forward to the promise of a shiny new year. Learn how to make your own brilliantly cheerful tinsel numbers courtesy of Ruffled Blog.

Year Candles

There are a lot of New Year's traditions that involve burning or carrying candles. Whether you plan to use yours for decoration or festivities, make them fit in with the holiday theme with a little tape, some glitter and some glue. can show you how.

Golden Vases

How do you make a simple vase a little more festive for New Year's Eve? With tape and spray paint. Just follow this tutorial from and your floral display will suddenly scream "party time."

Gold-Tipped Glasses

Similarly, if you want your champagne glasses to have a little more glitz, the same method can be used to bring them from drab to fab. Momtastic can show you how.

Gold Champagne Bottles

Even your champagne bottles themselves can be used as decorations when you cover them with a nice dusting of gold glitter. This tutorial is particularly great for hosts who went with bargain brand bubbly.

Moon Pinata

You might not think of pinatas when you think of New Year's parties, but this moon pinata by Oh Happy Day is a fun way to ring in the new year no matter how old your guests.

Happy New Year to all the revelers out there! And however you celebrate the holiday, be sure to stay safe.

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10 Simple and Beautiful New Year's Eve Party Decorations
11 Last Minute DIY Christmas Decorations That Are Easy & Cheap

Holidays have a way of sneaking up on us and whether you need to spruce up the house before guests arrive, want to add a dash more cheer to an already Christmas-y space or just want to feel a little more festive before the big day, these cute and quick last minute Christmas decorations will get your home ready for the holidays in no time.

Ornament Dishes

Dinner plates, crystal bowls, cupcake stands, candy trays, cake stands, vases and more can all be used to hold classic Christmas ball ornaments for an easy touch of holiday cheer. Fox Hollow Cottage shows that a little fake snow can go a long way in adding a touch of wintery charm. Remember to get bulbs in all shapes and colors to really enhance the display. You can also use this technique to make decorations out of all those burned out old Christmas lights you have lying around.

Branch Tree

Don't have the space for a massive fir, but still want to hang a few ornaments with cheer? Then grab a few branches, paint them white and stuff them in a large vase -voila, you now have a perfect place to hang your favorite Christmas ornaments. Fox Hollow Cottage shows how simple and classy a makeshift tree can be.

Ladder Tree

It's awfully late to get a Christmas tree, but you don't have to skip the traditional lights and ornament display. Eclectically Vintage shows that a ladder can serve as a funky and fun stand in for a traditional tree.

Sheet Music Ornaments

If you don't have any ornaments ready to hang, you can always grab a book of sheet music (or a few pages from an old paperback book) and turn them into a beautiful star ornament. Crafty Nest can show you how to make these in no time.

Christmas Pillows

How do you make an ordinary decorative pillow into a Christmas pillow? With a little gift ribbon. If you really want to spruce it up, add on a plastic ornament like Jennifer Rizzo did here.

Holiday Mittens

Have a few old mittens you don't plan on using again? Fill them with some greenery and you have a perfect holiday wall or door decoration thanks to this inspiration from Betty Sneeringer.

Christmas Card Holder

If you have a corkboard, some spare fabric and a little green ribbon, you can easily make a beautiful Christmas card display like this one. Centsational Girl has a full tutorial so you can copy idea in your home.

Doorknob Hangers

Are you door knobs feeling less than festive? Well just tie a little ribbon and some greenery on them and you'll change that in no time. Home Depot's Apron Blog has more details if you need them.

Cinnamon Candles

A sweet and simple centerpiece, these cinnamon candles look great, smell great and are easy to make. Treasures and Travels can show you how to create these beauties at home.

Bow Napkin Rings

A quick look at this picture will probably give you all the information you need to copy the basics of this idea for yourself, but let's give proper thanks to Minted Strawberry for coming up with such a cute and quick idea to improve your holiday tablescape.

Snowman Fridge

Here's one the kids will love to help with. Just cut out eyes, buttons and a nose with craft foam or construction paper, tape them to the fridge with double-sided tape or glue on a small magnet and then add a charming wrapping paper scarf. You can also use this idea to spruce up your front door.

Still need a little help getting things together in time for Christmas? Don't miss this post featuring decorations you can make with the kiddos, or this one with all kinds of beautiful DIY wreaths.

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9 Cool Examples of Repurposed and Upcycled furniture

As time progresses, we all end up with furniture and home accessories that we just don't need. But rather than tossing them in the landfill, why not put them to good use by upcycling them into something wonderful? Here are a few examples to get you in the repurposing spirit.


There comes a time in every baby's life that a crib just isn't necessary anymore. But that doesn't mean you need to get rid of it. Instead, why not turn it into a chalkboard desk that your babe will be happy to use all the way through his toddler through elementary school years? A Little Learning for Two's example is a great place to get started.


A beat up coffee table or end table can make a surprisingly beautiful tufted bench if you have the handyman skills of Crafty Sisters NC. You'll need to remove the top, cut it, apply foam and upholster the cushion, but if you have the ability, the result is well worth the effort.

Coffee Table 2.0

Of course, you don't need to entirely change a piece of furniture to make it better. This Instructable shows that a mediocre coffee table can be turned into something truly spectacular with a little hard work.

Washing Machine Drum Coffee Table

You don't need to be a furniture restoration expert to make a great piece from some old junk though. An old washing machine drum, a piece of glass, a cheap lighting kit and a few nuts and bolts can combine to make a delightfully unique coffee table that is sure to get your guests talking. While this Instructable might not feature a tutorial, the images pretty much speak for themselves.

Garage Door Dining Table

A solid garage door seems like a terrible thing to waste, even if you don't need it on the front of your garage any more. This handy Instructable shows how you can easily repurpose an old garage door into a beautiful dining room table.


Old armoires can have great style, but they aren't always practical and they do sometimes suffer from old age. You can take advantage of that wonderful old styling in any repurposing project, but this aviary design featured on Empress of Creativity is a particularly beautiful example.


Chalkboards are highly useful around the house, but if you want to give yours a little extra style, a headboard can make an elegant frame as Beyond the Picket Fence demonstrates.

Bed Frame Bench

A headboard can also make a beautiful backrest on a bench, which is particularly convenient, given that the bed frame can be used to make the bench. Mak and Jill show the basic process, which looks surprisingly simple.


When you're repurposing other pieces of furniture, it's easy to end up with a few leftover drawers, fortunately, they too can be reused for clever furniture creations. This cool ottoman by Beyond the Picket Fence even takes advantage of the drawer's storage capabilities to make an even more functional ottoman.

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9 Cool Examples of Repurposed and Upcycled furniture
13 Cool Wreaths You Can Make Yourself

As the old song says, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas and if you're looking for a fun, festive decoration for your door this year, consider going the DIY route. While buying a wire wreath form and attaching pine garlands with floral wire is a classic way to create a simple, traditional wreath, here are a few other options for those who want to get a little more crafty this season.


Want to ramp up your traditional green wreath this year? Then try making three of different sizes and then attach them to make a snowman wreath. Add a scarf, a hat and some stick arms and you're ready to go. Sew Many Ways can show you how to make one for yourself.


Yarn wreaths are incredibly easy to make as they essentially just require wrapping colored yarn around a Styrofoam or hay wreath form. My So Called Crafty Life has all the details you need to make your own, and a link to make cute felt flowers like the ones featured on this wreath.

Paper Flowers

Alternatively, if you'd like to make some cute paper flower decorations to accessorize your wreath, don't miss this tutorial on Fiskars. Though you'll probably want to stick with more festive Christmas colors if you're making a seasonal wreath.

You can even make your whole wreath from paper flowers and Suaviloqy can teach you how (including how to make her own style of flowers).

Book Pages

The pages from an old book can even be used to create a literary-themed paper flower wreath, like this one featured on By Stephanie Lynn.

Paper Stars

Patterned Christmas paper can also be used for fun, festive decorations. To learn how to make a cool star wreath like this one, visit Little Birdie Secrets.

Felt Ruffle

All you need to make this great looking wreath is a lot of felt, some straight pins and a Styrofoam wreath form. Wine and Glue can show you how to put it all together and then you can accessorize it to your heart's content.


To make a fast and fabulous wreath from mesh ribbon, you don't even need a wreath form, just some rounded wire. Chica and Jo show just how easy it is to make one of these beautiful wreaths for yourself.


We previously featured this cool wreath by Land of Nod on our list of great Christmas decorations you can make with your kids, but it's also a perfect holiday wreath to make yourself.


Of course, bows are mostly fun because they remind us of the childhood joy of opening presents, so if you want to increase that subtle feeling of excitement, then consider using mini Christmas presents instead. Crafts Unleashed can show you how to make a whole wreath from tiny gifts.


Here's a fun way to give someone a present and decoration in one. Just wrap a scarf around a wreath form and pin. A Cultivated Nest has the full details.

Jingle Bells

Bells will be ringing whenever you open or close your door if you decide to follow this tutorial from Before Meets After to make your own delightful Christmas bell wreath.


After years of collecting ornaments, it's easy to end up with way too many for your tree. So rather than leave them sitting unused in a box, this year, try making a wreath out of them. Live Love DIY can show you how.


Your guests will be happy to exclaim "goodie goodie gumdrops" when they see this sweet treat hanging from your door. For a perfect party display, use toothpicks to hold the candy on, but for a more long-term decoration, be sure to use glue and some sealer to keep the candy looking its best. Dream A Little Bigger can show you a more detailed explanation of the process.

Happy holidays to all you DIYers out there!

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9 Cool Coffee Tables To Make Your Living Room Livable

We've featured a number of cool dining tables before, but those are nowhere near the only tables you need in your home. That's why we've rounded up some fantastic coffee tables to help make a statement in your living room.

The Woodsman

Whether you're looking to create a rustic mood or a scary horror theme in your living room, the Woodsman is a great way to go with four shiny axes embeded into one solid block of wood. Duffy London allows customization of the leg height, the choice of wood and more.

Sparkle Palace

You don't have to be royalty to make this palace a part of your home. Just buy the table from, place it in a sunny part of your living room and John Foster's creation will bring your whole room to life with prismatic bursts of color shooting out everywhere.

Funky Flame

For those who want to light up their living rooms in a more literal sense, the Funky Flame table by Opulent Items looks like a standard walnut coffee table until it is opened up to reveal a smoke-free fire pit inside. 

LED Interactive

When Evil Mad Scientist Labs collaborated with Oakland-based Because We Can to build them a coffee table that would interact with visitors, Because We Can brought the design and Evil Mad Scientist brought the tech. The result is an amazing table that is sure to get guests talking.


For a more low tech table that your visitors can still play with, head over to Drum Bum and get your hands on this cool drum coffee table.

Liquid Glacial

Glaciers are a pretty amazing sight to behold and Zaha Hadid Architects' Liquid Glacial table lets you bring some of that beauty into your own home in the form of a solid coffee table that looks like constantly flowing water.

Animals in Water

If you like the idea of a table that looks like water, but prefer one that creates a little scene in your living space, then you may want to visit Water Tables, where artist Derek Pearce has created coffee tbales a number of lovely animal scenes .


Cephalopod and Jules Verne fans everywhere will relish the chance to bring the wonderous complexity of a full-grown octopus into their living rooms. And, unlike real octopi, Isaac Krauss' still-life version will gladly hold your drinks for you.


You don't need to settle for artificial water-dwellers inhabiting your living room. With Opulent Items' Coffee Table Aquarium, you can enjoy watching fabulous fish swim through the heart of your living space.

Still haven't found the perfect table for you? Then check out these cool gaming tables, patio tables and grilling tables.

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