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9 Cool Coffee Tables To Make Your Living Room Livable

We've featured a number of cool dining tables before, but those are nowhere near the only tables you need in your home. That's why we've rounded up some fantastic coffee tables to help make a statement in your living room.

The Woodsman

Whether you're looking to create a rustic mood or a scary horror theme in your living room, the Woodsman is a great way to go with four shiny axes embeded into one solid block of wood. Duffy London allows customization of the leg height, the choice of wood and more.

Sparkle Palace

You don't have to be royalty to make this palace a part of your home. Just buy the table from, place it in a sunny part of your living room and John Foster's creation will bring your whole room to life with prismatic bursts of color shooting out everywhere.

Funky Flame

For those who want to light up their living rooms in a more literal sense, the Funky Flame table by Opulent Items looks like a standard walnut coffee table until it is opened up to reveal a smoke-free fire pit inside. 

LED Interactive

When Evil Mad Scientist Labs collaborated with Oakland-based Because We Can to build them a coffee table that would interact with visitors, Because We Can brought the design and Evil Mad Scientist brought the tech. The result is an amazing table that is sure to get guests talking.


For a more low tech table that your visitors can still play with, head over to Drum Bum and get your hands on this cool drum coffee table.

Liquid Glacial

Glaciers are a pretty amazing sight to behold and Zaha Hadid Architects' Liquid Glacial table lets you bring some of that beauty into your own home in the form of a solid coffee table that looks like constantly flowing water.

Animals in Water

If you like the idea of a table that looks like water, but prefer one that creates a little scene in your living space, then you may want to visit Water Tables, where artist Derek Pearce has created coffee tbales a number of lovely animal scenes .


Cephalopod and Jules Verne fans everywhere will relish the chance to bring the wonderous complexity of a full-grown octopus into their living rooms. And, unlike real octopi, Isaac Krauss' still-life version will gladly hold your drinks for you.


You don't need to settle for artificial water-dwellers inhabiting your living room. With Opulent Items' Coffee Table Aquarium, you can enjoy watching fabulous fish swim through the heart of your living space.

Still haven't found the perfect table for you? Then check out these cool gaming tables, patio tables and grilling tables.

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9 Cool Coffee Tables To Make Your Living Room Livable
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