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10 Brilliantly Beautiful Lighting Options

Light is something most people take for granted, but with any of these ten great lights in your home, your guests won't be able to stop thinking about it.


Ever feel a dark cloud is hanging over your head? Why not make it literal so at least you can get a little humor out of the feeling. Besides, these beautiful lights by Richard Clarkson will actually help you light up your life, which is something everyone can enjoy.


Don't have space for an herb garden? Don't be so sure. The Sklenik is specifically designed for urban dwellers who want a little more fresh flavors in their kitchen. The light operates as a green house, so all you have to do is add water and pick your homegrown herbs.


If you love the magnificent grace octopi, then you'll want to get your tentacles on this gorgeous stained glass lamp by Mason's Creations in the shape of everyone's favorite cephalopod.


If thinking cool thoughts can help you chill out on a hot day, then these cool industrial-style fan lamps will help remind you to think about relaxing breezes. We've previously featured some of the steampunk designs available from Machine Age Lamps, but these fan lights really blow us away.


There are tons of cool colored lights available these days, but for those who just can't settle on one hue, the ColorUp by Pega is a great way to enjoy your lighting in any shade. Just touch the base to the color of your choice, squeeze the bulb and you'll have perfect lighting for your mood.

Torn Lights

Bill Loft's Torn Lights are some of the most creative lighting ideas we've seen in ages. That's because they give the illusion that your wall has been peeling back, revealing a brilliant light inside. The power cord is as invisible as the rest of the light, ensuring the illusion will keep impressing your guests every time they view these clever lamps.

Flip Flap 10

This fun light by Buero Fuer Form appears to be floating in midair. That's because an invisible reinforced cable rises up to support the lamp. The shade is clamped to the light and can be angled for better lighting or for a more shocking appearance.


Anyone who reads before bed knows the importance of a good reading lamp, but this design by Bureau Debank not only lights up your reading space, but also provides you with a stylish and convenient place to hold your books when you're not reading.


Of course, if you ever wished the pages of your book actually were a light, then you'll want to get your hands on a Lumio, which mimics the look of a traditional book only without words.

From the Sky

Pieke Bergmans' From the Sky designs might not be practical in a typical home, but the cool, dripping light bulbs are certain to make a statement wherever they are installed.

Still looking for more wonderful lights? Then don't miss our previous roundup of 11 unique lighting options.

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10 Brilliantly Beautiful Lighting Options
The 7 Strangest Hotel Rooms On Earth

We've covered a few wild hotel rooms and even a few hotels that are totally unique, but there are a surprisingly high number of strange places to sleep on vacation. Here are a few of the oddest and coolest hotel rooms you could ever hope to book.

The Batcave

At some point or another, practically everyone has wished they could be Batman or at least like they could live like Bruce Wayne. Now, thanks to the Eden Motel, you can take your fantasy one step closer to reality by renting out the Batman room. The hotel is what's known as a love hotel, so expect to pay by the hour if you decide to indulge in your Bat fantasies.

The Glass-Bottom Hotel Room

Bali is filled with beautiful scenery and the hotels in the area take full advantage of this fact. Even so, only the Udang House offers a tempered glass floor built above a pond, offering amazing views of the crystal blue water and the beautiful fish that call the pond home. If that wasn't enough to make you feel at one with nature, the bathroom features a glass roof that lets in natural light and lets guests enjoy an indoor space under the stars.

The 727 Suite

Costa Verde, located in the west of Costa Rica, features some pretty notable rooms, but it's hard to top the Boeing 727 that has been converted into a two-bedroom, two-bathroom hotel suite. Perched on a 50 foot pedestal to give the extra illusion of flying, guests are also treated to incredible 360 views of the surrounding scenery.

The Train Suite

Wish you were around to see the luxury of the golden days of rail but get motion sickness on moving trains? Then head to New Zealand where Woodly Park offers a Train Motel. With one master bedroom and three singles in the main car section. While you might not be able to check out the passing cities and towns, the car is planted right in the middle of a farm, so you'll still have plenty of natural beauty and livestock to enjoy.

The Caveman Room

The Madonna Inn of San Luis Obispo is well known for their fun theme rooms, but the most talked about, and oddest, room is the Caveman Room, which features rock walls and animal-patterned furniture. The bathroom shower drips from the rocks on the ceiling. It's the most luxurious way you could hope to get back to your primal nature.

The Cave Room

This one-room hotel was carved from the cliffs of a New Mexican mountain and sits 70 feet below surface level. To enter the underground hotel, you must first sign a liability waiver because entrance requires you to climb down a cliff and a ladder to enter. Of course, even above the mountain top, you're still quite a way above ground -300 feet to be exact, which means you'll have some pretty incredible views of the local scenery.

The Private Island

You might not be able to afford your own private island, but you can rent a miniature manmade one if you'd like. At Sweden's Utter Inn, you can rent an underwater hotel room that looks like nothing more than a floating red outhouse from outside. After you're dropped off at the space by your guide, you're left completely isolated until check out time -unless your order the deluxe package, which includes a dinner delivery to your small island paradise.

Still don't see any hotel rooms you're dying to stay in? Well, keep following the site since we'll be sure to add more hotel posts in the future.

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12 Wonderfully Geeky Doormats

A doormat is more than just a place to wipe your feet before you come in the house, it's also one of the first places for you to welcome your guests and show a little bit of your personality. That's why a good doormat doesn't just clean dirty feet, but also lets visitors know a little bit about the people that live inside. Here are a few of the best geeky doormats money can buy.


D&D players will love the opportunity to score a critical hit with this great doormat. Your guests will know you're a high roller before they even ring the bell.

Bigger On The Inside

You home may not look like much on the outside, but with this cool TARDIS doormat, guests will know that you have the interior design skills of a Time Lord, guaranteeing that your space is a lot more vast than it appears to be.

There's No Place Like

For most people, home is where the heart is, but for geeks, home is also where your wifi connects automatically. This clever doormat turns the classic expression around to make a delightfully nerdy ISP joke.


Telling people to they are "welcome" is so twentieth century. Instead, get with the new millennium and tell your guests to "enter" with this keyboard-inspired doormat.


Of course, if you do prefer the classic "welcome" mat, you can still give it a bit of a modern twist by spelling it out on a keyboard. This cute doormat is sure to tell geeks that their kind is more than welcome at your home.


Designer Jeni Rodger created this unique doormat to let people become a little more creative with their messages. The mat comes with a number of interchangeable letters and spaces so you can personalize your message based on your expected arrivals or your mood.

One Small Step

You might not ever get to actually step foot on the moon, but this nerdy doormat will at least let you follow in Buzz Aldrin's famous footsteps whenever you step inside your house.

Like Us

A real friendship can't be bought at any price, but offering potential friends free booze sure isn't going to hurt the situation. This doormat tells guests not only what you want them to do, but also why they should do it, which can hopefully make your dinner parties and big blowout bashes all that much more successful.

Video Game Controller

If you grew up mashing the SNES controller buttons until you could no longer press B or Y, then this doormat is just right for your home. Warn friends and enemies alike that they'd better be able to stand a round of Karting if they want to hang around your pad.


If your gaming tastes are even more retro, then be sure to get your hands on this Pac-Man doormat that celebrates one of the earliest arcade classics. You can get yours for 35 Euros from Ooo My Design.

Darth Vader

Do you ever invite friends to join the Dark Side with the promise that it will include cookies? If so, you'll want to add this lovely reminder of your alligiance to the Empire to your entryway.

Speak Friend and Enter

Only those who speak of friendship are invited to enter the Dwarven city of Moria and now you too can add a friendly restriction to your home with this fun "Speak Friend and Enter" doormat. On the other hand, if you're feeling less than friendly, you might want to put out the "You Shall Not Pass" mat instead.

Found a perfect geeky doormat but still need a few other nerdy touches to make your home complete? Don't miss these great geeky bed coverings, these amazing gaming tables or these home organization tips specifically created with geek gals in mind.

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