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10 Brilliantly Beautiful Lighting Options

Light is something most people take for granted, but with any of these ten great lights in your home, your guests won't be able to stop thinking about it.


Ever feel a dark cloud is hanging over your head? Why not make it literal so at least you can get a little humor out of the feeling. Besides, these beautiful lights by Richard Clarkson will actually help you light up your life, which is something everyone can enjoy.


Don't have space for an herb garden? Don't be so sure. The Sklenik is specifically designed for urban dwellers who want a little more fresh flavors in their kitchen. The light operates as a green house, so all you have to do is add water and pick your homegrown herbs.


If you love the magnificent grace octopi, then you'll want to get your tentacles on this gorgeous stained glass lamp by Mason's Creations in the shape of everyone's favorite cephalopod.


If thinking cool thoughts can help you chill out on a hot day, then these cool industrial-style fan lamps will help remind you to think about relaxing breezes. We've previously featured some of the steampunk designs available from Machine Age Lamps, but these fan lights really blow us away.


There are tons of cool colored lights available these days, but for those who just can't settle on one hue, the ColorUp by Pega is a great way to enjoy your lighting in any shade. Just touch the base to the color of your choice, squeeze the bulb and you'll have perfect lighting for your mood.

Torn Lights

Bill Loft's Torn Lights are some of the most creative lighting ideas we've seen in ages. That's because they give the illusion that your wall has been peeling back, revealing a brilliant light inside. The power cord is as invisible as the rest of the light, ensuring the illusion will keep impressing your guests every time they view these clever lamps.

Flip Flap 10

This fun light by Buero Fuer Form appears to be floating in midair. That's because an invisible reinforced cable rises up to support the lamp. The shade is clamped to the light and can be angled for better lighting or for a more shocking appearance.


Anyone who reads before bed knows the importance of a good reading lamp, but this design by Bureau Debank not only lights up your reading space, but also provides you with a stylish and convenient place to hold your books when you're not reading.


Of course, if you ever wished the pages of your book actually were a light, then you'll want to get your hands on a Lumio, which mimics the look of a traditional book only without words.

From the Sky

Pieke Bergmans' From the Sky designs might not be practical in a typical home, but the cool, dripping light bulbs are certain to make a statement wherever they are installed.

Still looking for more wonderful lights? Then don't miss our previous roundup of 11 unique lighting options.

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10 Brilliantly Beautiful Lighting Options
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