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12 Fun Easter Crafts You Can Do With Your Kids

We previously featured some beautiful and easy to make Easter decorations, but if you're looking to create some fun projects with your kids, here are a few fun crafts you can make as a family and proudly display this Easter.

Peeps Wreath

The great thing about making this wreath from Eclectically Vintage with your kids is that you can enjoy making something that lasts for years with some of your favorite people while your kids can enjoy munching on Peeps that won't make their way onto the wreath. Just make sure you buy enough Peeps to account for snacking.

Fluffy Bunny Wreath

If you'd prefer not to fill the kids with too much candy, this cute bunny wreath by Hoosier Homemade is simple and safe enough to make with your youngsters -who will love the resemblance to a certain bunny that only visits once a year.

Easter Bunny Door

Alternatively, rather than decorating the door with a bunny, why not make your door into a bunny? This cute design by East Coast Mommy Blog is sure to be a hit with kids everywhere.

Tulip Bulbs In Vases

Here's a great way to teach your kids about botany all while growing a stunning centerpiece for your Easter dinner. Just follow the directions from Womanio and you'll soon be on your way to growing flowers right in the vase.

Easter Bunny Flower Pot

Another great way to teach kids about the way plants grow is to have them plant grass. With this cute craft by Kids Fun Reviewed, you also get the benefit of having grass grow right out of the Easter Bunny's head.

Bunny Chalk

Want to teach your kids that simple chemistry makes some of the things they love to play with? Then work with them to make these cute bunny chalks by A Bubbly Life and then let them go crazy coloring the sidewalk with the completed results.

Hand Print Bunnies

Hand print turkeys are treasured by parents everywhere and now you can bring that tradition alive during Easter too by making hand print bunnies like this one on Imgur. Just make sure you keep the kiddo's thumb dry or your bunny will end up with a weird growth from the side of his face.

Candy-Filled Flower Vases

Peeps and jelly beans can really brighten up a flower arrangement and all you need to duplicate this look featured on The Laws of My Life are two vases (one that fits neatly inside the other), candy and flowers. Best of all, you and the kiddos can munch on any leftover candy.

Crazy For Carrots Centerpiece

With all the candy spread around by the Easter Bunny, it's a great time to remind kids that veggies can be tasty too -in fact, they're the preferred food of that legendary bunny. This vase by The Party Dress is simple, beautiful, and a great way to get your youngsters to munch on a few extra carrots.

Bunny Banner

This simple paper craft is so kid-friendly that the creator at Serving Pink Lemonade even created the original with the help of her own tiny assistant.

Paint Sample Garland

For youngsters that just can't get enough colors, you can also try turning paint swatches into Easter eggs and then making a garland from those as seen on Modern Parents Messy Kids.

Easter Egg Window Art

These simple foam window decorations by Pleasantest Thing look absolutely charming and happy, but best of all, your kids can put them up and decorate them all on their own.

Have a Happy Easter dear readers!

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12 Fun Easter Crafts You Can Do With Your Kids
13 Fun Pieces of Classic Video Game Home Decor

Do you have a soft spot for video games that were released before the new millennium started? Do you want to adorn your house with images from your favorite classic games? Then keep reading because we have rounded up some of the coolest and cutest furniture, lighting and more all based on 8- and 16-bit classics.

Stackable Tetris Lamp

If just seeing the oddly shaped bricks from Tetris makes you start humming the theme song, then you should most certainly head over to Think Geek where you can turn your love of the game into a convenient desk lamp. Stack the bricks and they immediately light up. Disassemble them and they power down. And, unlike the blocks in the game, getting a full line won't make parts of your lamp disappear.

Custom Tetris Bookshelves

When having Tetris light up your life isn't enough, why not try stacking in some knowledge? These cool Tetris bookshelves are seriously impressive and thanks to Instructables user Hicks Custom Furniture, you can even make them yourself.

Tetris Tiles

Of course, if you really want to celebrate the glorious stacking game that is Tetris, you should go for Tetris Tiles, which allow you to fill your counters, floors and backdrops with perfectly interlocking shapes. You can install each one individually for a maddening Tetris Tile challenge just like the game or you can buy the pre-arranged Tetris mosaics for a more simple installation.

The PacM Chair

Arcade-lovers everywhere know the iconic yellow shape that is Pac-Man and now you can bring him home to swallow you whole with this comfy and cool PacM chair by Jose Jorge Hinojosa.

Ghostchaser Shades

Share your love of the gaming through all eras with this awesome window shade inspired by Pac-Man and adorned with all kinds of famous console controllers.

Bubble Bobble

While the adorable dinos from Bubble Bobble may never have become such classic arcade icons as Pac-Man and Mario, those with a soft spot for the game will easily fall in love with this great rug by Harmonden.

Black Mage Rug

If you've been playing Final Fantasy before the sequel numbers hit the double digits, then you'll certainly recognize this adorable Black Mage character. Now you can even bring him into your home thanks to Harmonden's great rug-making skills.

Zelda Triforce Lamp

Those who know that it's dangerous to go alone, should be sure to this lamp by The Back Pack Shoppe. With both the Trifoce image on the front and the Hyrule Crest shinning from the side, it's a perfect way to show that your heart continues to burn for Princess Zelda's affections.

Mario Wall Decals

Ever wished you lived in Mario's side-scrolling world? Then you'll love these wall decals that bring that world to life right before your eyes. Jumping on platforms is not advised though.

Mario Storage Spaces

If you need a little more function in your decor, then you can always try to mimick what Rob O'Brien did with his kids room. Instead of just serving as simple wall decorations, these 3D enhancements offer storage, seating and a pleasant way to hide an unattractive radiator.

Mario Match Prints

Whether you had the skills to always properly align the bonus match game in Mario or not, these great prints by James Bit will remind you of the good old days where pushing "A" at precisely the perfect time was one of the most important things you would do all day.

8-Bit Fireplace

Here's another clever design from James Bit, this one turning your unused fireplace into a cozy geeky decoration.

NES Controller Coffee Table

Any gamer knows the controls are just as critical in playing a game as the program itself. For those that long for the simple pleasures of the NES, this table by Bohmenian Workbench is the perfect way to celebrate the old school.

For more video game home inspiration, don't miss our lists of geeky baby nurseries, nerdy doormats and great geeky home theaters.

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13 Fun Pieces of Classic Video Game Home Decor
7 Great Green Home Technologies

We previously covered a 20 ways to make your home a little more green, but if you still need a little help saving energy and water, there are plenty of other things you can do. These seven cool technologies allow you to save money and the environment -and some of them look absolutely stunning too.

Swirl Water Faucet

You know wind turbines can help make green energy, but did you know tiny turbines can help reduce your water usage? Designer Simon Qiu created a faucet that uses turbines to spin water as it leaves the faucet to cover more surface area and provide more water pressure while still saving up to 15% of water. As a bonus, the spiraling water patterns look absolutely beautiful.

Nest Thermostat

There are plenty of programmable thermostats on the market, but Nest goes a step beyond to actually program itself to learn your habits. This way you will stay comfortable no matter how the weather changes while still using the minimum energy possible -it even turns itself off when you aren't home. You can even change your settings when your away using your smart phone or computer.

Belkin Conserve Socket

By now, we all know that our chargers use energy even when your devices aren't plugged in, but remembering to power off a power strip or to unplug the chargers takes a little more memory effort than some people want to spend on conservation.  With the Belkin Conserve Socket though, you just need to select how long you'd like your device powered and the socket will automatically cut off power after you're done.

Belkin Conserve Smart AV Surge Protector

Similarly, this Belkin Conserve device ensures that all peripheral devices attached to your TV are powered off as soon as you turn the power off on your TV. The strip allows for two always-on sockets so things like your DVR recorder can keep working even when the other devices are powered down.

Evolve Roadrunner Showerhead

There are a lot of low-flow showerheads available these days, but the Roadrunner is special since it not only limits the water flow while you're using the shower, it also immediately turns the water down to a trickle when it reaches an ideal temperature. That way while you're outside the shower waiting for the water to heat up, you don't have to worry about water being wasted between the time the water gets warm and the time you notice that it's warm. All in all, the Roadrunner can save you seven gallons of water for every five minute shower you take.

Uji Showerhead

Sometimes the thing that causes the most water waste in the shower is simply being too cozy in the warm water. The Uji showerhead reminds you that you're lagging by slowly turning from green to red over the course of seven minutes -the time of an average shower.

Serena Shades

Good shades are important in energy conservation. Natural light saves power over using electric lights, but leaving your blinds open when it's hot outside can also increase your air conditioner usage. With Serena Shades, you don't have to be there in person to raise or lower your blinds -you can use your smart phone to control your shades from anywhere.

Of course, you should never forget the basics. Switch out any incandescent lights in your home for CFLs or LEDs. Start using rechargeable batteries in all your devices rather than disposable ones. And always turn off the lights in a room when you leave.

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7 Great Green Home Technologies
9 Neat Pieces of Multipurpose Furniture

We all need a little more space in our home and while we've covered plenty of handy ways to make the most of what space you have, another solution is to minimize the furniture taking up space in your house. These clever designs allow you to use one piece of furniture for more than one purpose.

Dining Table and Beyond

When is a table more than a table? When it has changeable glass tiles that can be used in place dishes and be switched out and tossed in the dishwasher. The design, by Studio NL, even offers tiles in an array of colors so you can change your dining room's look according to your mood. Besides standard dishware, the table can also be equipped with vase tiles to spruce up your minimalist spread in a modest manner.

Via A'Design Award 

As If From Nowhere

At first glance, this piece of furniture looks like little more than a set of shelves, but when you start looking at the specific shapes of the colored accents, you'll quickly notice that they seem to resemble chairs and tables. And that's precisely what's hidden inside this storage system by Orla Reynolds.

Convertible Sofa

Designer Julia Kononenko knows firsthand how uncomfortable and frustrating it can be to live in a tiny apartment. That's why she came up with this simple sofa design that can be easily transformed into a small dining table with six tools.

Poppi Bed

Murphy beds are nothing new, but traditionally they have to be built into a structure and while they move out of the way, they can't be used for more than one purpose. This clever design by Clei takes up minimal space while offering you the opportunity to use the area as a desk as needed.

LGM Tavolo

Here's another Murphy bed that offers a whole lot more than meets the eye. In fact, this Clei design can operate as a shelving system, desk and bed. Granted, if you want to use the shelving, you probably won't want to use the bed all that often or you will be transferring items back and forth from the shelves every day, but it's a great design if you want a bed for occasional guests.


It's hard to get more multi-purpose than the Multiplo. This cool modular design by Hey Team can be used as a table, a sofa, a bed, a seating pit and just about anything else.


This piece by Barbara Pece might not look like a sofa, but it is, or at least, that's its main purpose. It can actually be broken into nine different shapes by folding and stacking the hinged-together modules in assorted ways. It can operate as a desk, table, sofa and more -and it comes in three different sizes so it can be used in any kind of space.


The sad truth about babies is that they grow -and all too fast too. While you can't keep them tiny forever, you can at least keep them sleeping in the same bed for a while thanks to the DaVinci Emily bed. This handy design starts out as a crib, then becomes a toddler bed, then a daybed and finally, a full-sized one.

Don Vino

This table by Vincent Chicone serves as both a wine rack and a coffee table at once. It can hold up to 16 bottles and is custom built so you can have a glass top that will allow you to view the bottles or a wooden top so the table will look more like a traditional table.

Via The Mag

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