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9 Neat Pieces of Multipurpose Furniture

We all need a little more space in our home and while we've covered plenty of handy ways to make the most of what space you have, another solution is to minimize the furniture taking up space in your house. These clever designs allow you to use one piece of furniture for more than one purpose.

Dining Table and Beyond

When is a table more than a table? When it has changeable glass tiles that can be used in place dishes and be switched out and tossed in the dishwasher. The design, by Studio NL, even offers tiles in an array of colors so you can change your dining room's look according to your mood. Besides standard dishware, the table can also be equipped with vase tiles to spruce up your minimalist spread in a modest manner.

Via A'Design Award 

As If From Nowhere

At first glance, this piece of furniture looks like little more than a set of shelves, but when you start looking at the specific shapes of the colored accents, you'll quickly notice that they seem to resemble chairs and tables. And that's precisely what's hidden inside this storage system by Orla Reynolds.

Convertible Sofa

Designer Julia Kononenko knows firsthand how uncomfortable and frustrating it can be to live in a tiny apartment. That's why she came up with this simple sofa design that can be easily transformed into a small dining table with six tools.

Poppi Bed

Murphy beds are nothing new, but traditionally they have to be built into a structure and while they move out of the way, they can't be used for more than one purpose. This clever design by Clei takes up minimal space while offering you the opportunity to use the area as a desk as needed.

LGM Tavolo

Here's another Murphy bed that offers a whole lot more than meets the eye. In fact, this Clei design can operate as a shelving system, desk and bed. Granted, if you want to use the shelving, you probably won't want to use the bed all that often or you will be transferring items back and forth from the shelves every day, but it's a great design if you want a bed for occasional guests.


It's hard to get more multi-purpose than the Multiplo. This cool modular design by Hey Team can be used as a table, a sofa, a bed, a seating pit and just about anything else.


This piece by Barbara Pece might not look like a sofa, but it is, or at least, that's its main purpose. It can actually be broken into nine different shapes by folding and stacking the hinged-together modules in assorted ways. It can operate as a desk, table, sofa and more -and it comes in three different sizes so it can be used in any kind of space.


The sad truth about babies is that they grow -and all too fast too. While you can't keep them tiny forever, you can at least keep them sleeping in the same bed for a while thanks to the DaVinci Emily bed. This handy design starts out as a crib, then becomes a toddler bed, then a daybed and finally, a full-sized one.

Don Vino

This table by Vincent Chicone serves as both a wine rack and a coffee table at once. It can hold up to 16 bottles and is custom built so you can have a glass top that will allow you to view the bottles or a wooden top so the table will look more like a traditional table.

Via The Mag

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