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10 Recycled and Upcycled Etsy Finds Perfect for Earth Day

Earth Day is almost here and while we've already brought you 20 ways to make your home greener and 7 cool eco-friendly technologies, there's still plenty you can do to  keep the Earth a little healthier for the next generation. One of the coolest ways is to recycle and upcycle old items that would otherwise be trash. We've featured some cool furniture pieces you can make yourself with old, beat up furniture but if you prefer to buy over DIY, then you'll love these delightful Etsy pieces.

Wine Barrels and Bottles

Love wine and want to encourage sustainable solutions for old wine containers? Then you'll love the products of Wine Country Craftsman who makes lights, vases, pet beds and more from old wine barrels and bottles.


As you might have guessed by the name, Skicycled specializes in reusing old, broken skis. From coat racks to tables and from clocks to log holders, their products are perfect for anyone who loves winter sports.

Old Books

A great old book is something that should live on as long as possible, but for those old tomes filled with terrible drivel or great novels ruined by wear it's better to recycle the book into something new and wonderful than to throw it out completely. These fantastic lights from First and Fig take the classic style of old books and make them into something new and wonderful.

Coffee Sacks

Burlap coffee bags have so much personality, it's a shame to let them go to waste. This funky and fabulous storage bench is constructed from reclaimed wood, recycled steel and used coffee bags. Best of all, since RecycledBrooklyn makes them all to order, you can even specify what kind of designs and colors you'd like on your coffee sack seat.

Reclaimed Wood

There's something classic and comforting about wooden furniture, but if you dislike the idea of trees being cut down for your home decor, be sure to visit Reclaimed4aPurpose. This cool shop uses reclaimed wood for all types of products, but most notably entertainment centers, nightstands, pantries and bed frames.

Light Bulbs

Light bulbs are rarely considered attractive, but these brilliant recycled bulb vases by Dimitar Palanski show the simple beauty of something most of us look at daily but rarely actually notice. They're also lovely luxuries for those with low bank balances as they start at only $8.

Leather Belts

Worn leather belts tell a story of the rugged men and women who once wore them. This neat one-of-a-kind chair shows how beautiful and fascinating these old wardrobe standards are. If you have a rustic-theme in your home, this chair might be just the piece to tie the whole thing together.

Bike Parts

Perfect for steampunk fans and cyclists alike, DreamGreatDreams' clocks reuse bike gears, wheels and chains for a cool and uniquely industrial look. As an environmental bonus, the creator promises that he uses only biodegradable cleaning products to get the used parts ready for production.

Recycled Skateboards

What do you do with a broken skateboard? Etsy seller Seshnotstigma uses them to make all kinds of cool home accessories from tea light holders to clocks and from vases to greeting signs.


All of Copperamano's beautiful copper creations are made from recycled copper and hand-fired by an artisan metal smith. We particularly love this beautiful sink that looks almost reptilian on the inside.

Even if you aren't planning to buy anything from this list, hopefully it will inspire you to be a little more creative with your waste and remind you to reduce, reuse and recycle.

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10 Recycled and Upcycled Etsy Finds Perfect for Earth Day
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