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16 Wonderful Vases Perfect for Mother's Day Floral Arrangements

If you're looking to get your mom a little something beyond the standard bouquet this Mother's Day, you may consider a beautiful vase that she can hold onto long after her flowers have wilted away. No matter what kind of mom you are lucky enough to have, there is certain to be one piece in this list that will fit right in with her home decor.


Simple and elegant, this Loop Vase is graceful and eye-catching. It's a perfect statement piece for any mother into minimalism.

Serpentine Wood

This unique vase looks different from every angle. With sweeping wood shapes flowing around a standard glass form, nature-lovers are sure to love this creation by TheRusticNature.

St. Germain

This elderflower liquor might still only be a few years old, but it already has a legion of fans. If your mother has joined the cult of St. Germain, she'll love this stunning vase made from one of the brand's iconic and crystal-like bottles.


With blown glass colors and shapes resembling an iris, this vase by Trish Dalto is almost like a flower in itself.


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this personalized vase that can be filled of images that show Mom what she means to you is absolutely priceless. Etsy seller Jenny Gaynor will also leave a note and a special date on the base of the vase to add even more significance to the piece.

Test Tubes

This striking test tub vase set by Etsy seller AnSquared is perfect for those who simply love science, as well as those who want to display their blooms in an all new way.

Customized Birch

Etsy seller Braggingbags customizes her lovely wood vases so you can engrave them with your mother's initials, you and your siblings initials or a message that reads "ILU."

Anatomical Heart

Is your mom more of a Morticia Addams than a Martha Stewart? Then rather than going with something pretty, make her go batty over one of these fascinating anatomical heart vases by Etsy seller Dellamorteco. Available in red, blackpewter or transparent with veins, they're the perfect way to say "I love you even just the bloody way you are."


Was your mom a retro gamer before it was cool? Then she'll probably love ThinkGeek's great 8-bit vase that even comes with matching flowers. It might not hold water, but it will keep these smiling flowers alive for years to come.


If your mother is more of a 2D fan than an 8-bit lover then she just might prefer this great illusionary vase from the MOMA store that looks like a drawing made real.

3D Puzzle

A perfect fit for any puzzle-fanatics, this cool 3D Puzzle Vase can be completely taken apart and reassembled, but it is fitted with an interior water cup so it can still be used as a functional vase.


Why settle for one bouquet when you can share many? The Caterpillar Bud Vase displays four or six different bundles of blooms at a time in a fun, bubbly line.


Sometimes a big, messy bouquet says it all, but sometimes it's better to go with something a little more understated. For those occasions, this simple, yet refined 8 Hole Flute Bud Vase is a perfect way to share the elegant beauty of a single variety of blooms.

Deer Head

Ideal for an animal-loving mother, this clever design lets you replace antlers with beautiful floral displays.


Sure, you can't squeeze many buds in this blowhole, but this brilliant vase by Alessandro Beda and Hello Beda is utterly charming no matter how many blooms it holds.


Perhaps not the most beautiful of vases, the Efeet is still charming in its own strange and adorable way. It's a great gift for mothers with a sense of humor and a longing to be reminded of the wonderful pitter patter of little feet.

We've also featured two unique vase designs in the past -the Invisible Vase and the Living Light, both of which would make any mother feel special and surprised, so be sure to check those two out.

Whatever you get your mom this holiday, Happy Mother's Day.

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16 Wonderful Vases Perfect for Mother's Day Floral Arrangements
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