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10 Cool Home Design Illusions

If great art makes you think then these wonderful optical illusion designs are examples of art at its finest. From wall paper that looks like your walls are alive and moving to flooring that looks like you're walking on water, these amazing illusions will make you think a little more about the possibilities of your ordinary home decor.

Bias of Thoughts Bookshelf

This neat bookshelf by Clarke Hopkins Clarke is based on the classic impossible fork illusion where the eyes accept each end of the piece as looking normal, but when you observe the object as a whole, you realize those forms cannot actually exist simultaneously.

Cafe Wall Illusion Table

Based on the famous Cafe Wall illusion, this fantastic table by Etsy seller Exotic Tiles doesn't show a spiral, but simply a set of circles adorned with black and white tiles. While the tiles look to be of different, flocculating sizes, they are all actually the same.

Vis Decoptology


Bjørn Jørund Blikstad's Imeüble challenges our spatial perception, turning each wall of what looks like a set of 3D blocks into usable storage space.

3D Epoxy Floors

You may not be able to install a waterfall in your bedroom, an aquarium in your entry way, a beach in your bathroom or a dolphin tank in your living room, but with these amazing 3D epoxy artworks by Imperial Interiors, you can at least get the next best thing. Just don't be surprised when drunk guests refuse to step foot in your living room swimming pool.

Extend Bookshelf

Small and inconspicuous, Yoy Idea's Extend bookshelf is designed to clamp on to the edge of a desk or counter and then be extended outward so your books look like they are floating in midair.

Psychedelic Illusion Pattern Wallpaper

Some people want their rooms to seem bigger, which is often easy to do with a few extra mirrors. But if you don't want your room to seem bigger so much as immeasurable, you might prefer this fantastic psychedelic wallpaper by Etsy seller Livettes.

Apartment House

The entire interior of this home by Kazuyasu Kochi is a living optical illusion. The structure started as an apartment building with eight units, but in the process of renovating it into one single family home, Kazuyasu Kochi also transformed the space into a mind-bending illusion that looks more at home in a psychedelic cartoon than in the real world.

Via Psfk

Bulbing Lights

These odd 3D-looking lights by Tel Aviv's Studio Cheha are actually flat acrylic sheets placed above a light box. The creations were initially funded on Kickstarter, where they made close to 1000% of their original goal. The designs are interchangeable and energy efficient, so they're even cool beyond the illusion aspect.

Sima Pashtun

Designers from Eos México made history when the introduced the first hand-knotted illusion rug in history. The piece was made with 3000 year-old hand-made Tibetan knot methods and, when viewed from the right angle, gives the illusion that the middle of the rug is sinking into the ground.

The Black Door

Design studio UXUS wanted their workplace to reflect the sense of wonderment a well-designed space can inspire. To that end, their entire headquarters looks fantastic enough to enamor any hesitant clients, but we're particularly impressed with the mysterious black door that seems to be free standing in the middle of a large, white room thanks to the use of a mirrored wall.

Via My Modern Met

Don't miss other great examples of illusion design included in our roundup of amazing lights, unbelievable sinks and beautiful bookcases.

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