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16 Mason Jar Hacks for Your Home

Few things offer quite as many uses as a mason jar and practically nothing offers that same level of quaint country charm. Whether you're looking for an excuse to buy more jars or have a collection lying around from your canning experiments phase, mason jar lovers everywhere will love these great household uses for their favorite containers.

Chalkboard Spice Jars

It's hard to keep a good spice collection organized and accessible, but if you have a spare drawer and some small mason jars, you may want to consider this brilliant idea from Raising Up Rubies that puts all of your spices and measuring tools front and center.

Salt and Pepper Shakers

If you have a mason jar, a lid, a hammer and a nail then you can easily make the simple salt and pepper shakers featured on The 36th Avenue. Alternatively, if you like to pour your spices rather than shake them, you won't want to miss the tutorial from Put It In A Jar that shows how to add a pour spout to your lid.

Toilet Bowl Cleaner

A hammer, nail and mason jar are also all you need to prep up a simple toilet bowl cleaner that just requires a little vinegar. Just pop some holes in the lid, fill the jar with vinegar and set the jar upside down in your toilet tank. A little vinegar will escape every time you flush, keeping your bowl sparkling clean.

Image via Dplanet:: [Flickr]

Soap Dispenser

Instructables ser ctx1985 managed to make a delightful soap dispenser with little more than a mason jar, an old soap dispenser, a drill and a hot glue gun. Of course, if that sounds like too much effort to you, there are plenty of places to buy one on Etsy -like this one from NemaSoap.

Bathroom Organizer

Skinny Meg found a $2 pallet-style wood shelf at Ikea. With a little ingenuity and elbow grease, she turned it into this beautiful, rustic bathroom organizer. If you like the look but aren't quite that handy, you can buy a similar one from Etsy seller RichAccents.

Shelf Organizer

Under-shelf space often goes unutilized, but with this handy hack from Poofy Cheeks, you can keep your stuff organized and out of the way by simply sticking it in mason jars under a shelf.

Hanging Lights

Even without ample electrical knowledge, it's pretty easy to put together this great mason jar light set featured on Design Sponge with a hanging lamp kit -though you will need an electrician to hook it up for you. If you'd like a premade one though BootsnGus has a beautiful alternative as well as a charming chandelier-style mason jar light.

Tiki Torches

Looking for some unique lighting for your next outdoor gathering? Then invest in some tiki torch fuel, tiki torch wicks and mason jars. A small hole through the lid for the wick is all it takes to convert your jars into torches and The Frugal Homemaker can show you how.

Bird Feeder

Mason jars are mighty sturdy, so it only make sense that they would also make great bird feeders. You can make your own wood-covered one with this tutorial from Instructables user Rustic Wood or you can buy the copper-wrapped design from Jarring Creations.

Moss Terrarium

There are a lot of ways to turn your mason jar into a centerpiece, but if you like the idea of making one that will last for years to come, try this cool moss terrarium by Parent Pretty. Best of all, it's a great project to do with your kids.

Branch Vase

A mason jar doesn't have to look like a mason jar to be functional. Garden Mama proves that a few branches and hot glue can turn a basic mason jar vase into something surprising.

Wine Glasses

These novelty wine glasses have become widely available at stores across the nation, but why buy one when you can make your own with little more than glass glue, a mason jar and a candlestick holder? Modern Day Moms shows how simple it is.

Blender Jar

If you ever break your blender jar or want a smaller container, Real Simple points out that most blender blades will attach to a small-mouth mason jar. It's also a great option if you want to blend something and store it for later.

Twine and Ribbon Holders

Have a pile of crafting supplies that seem to be taking over your space? Then check out this handy tutorial on A Cassarella for making a twine holder with a long bolt and a mason jar. While the writer only suggests using this for twine, it's easy to see that it would also be a great way to organize ribbons -just make sure the mouth of the jar is large enough to fit your spools.

Sewing Kit

Speaking of crafts, here's a simple storage solution for your sewing kit that's even a copy of a $48 Anthropologie product. It All Started With Paint can show you how to make your own (or one as a gift) for practically nothing.

Speaker Kit

Want to learn some basic electronics and have a cool-looking speaker at home? Then check out this cool mason jar speaker kit from Trash Amps. If you love the look but don't want to put in the time and effort, they also have a premade design available.

And, of course, don't forget that mason jars are also great for canning, baking and storing food!

Mason jar image in the header via Dwight Burdette [Wikipedia]

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16 Mason Jar Hacks for Your Home
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