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12 Awesome Decor Pieces Inspired by The Avengers

The Avengers have always been awesome and with Age of Ultron out right now, they've never been more popular. If you're a die-hard fan who would love to bring a touch of Marvel into your home, here are a few awesome home accessories featuring the Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

Movie Prop Desk

This desk by Tom Spina Designs (previously featured in both our Geek Home Theater and Star Wars furniture articles) doesn't just look incredible, it's also loaded with all kinds of hidden compartments to make it totally functional while still efficiently displaying a huge selection of replica props from the films.

Record Wall Clock

Recycled vinyl clocks are always cool to look at and this one featuring the full team of Avengers in incredible detail is a testament to the skills of Etsy seller ASecondLifeForVinyl.

Towel Set

These cool Captain America towels from Think Geek are a great way to add a little geek touch to your bathroom decor. The company even sells a matching rug and terrycloth robe so you can get out of the shower feeling like a true American hero.


Even if they are listed in the kid's decor section, you don't have to be a youngster to appreciate these fun Avengers drapes sold at Wal-Mart.

Table Lamp

Nothing sets the mood quite like a lamp featuring the newest villain in the Avenger's movie series and this official Marvel product is ideal for offices, living rooms and bedrooms. You can even customize it to match your other decor.

LEGO Desk Lamp

If you like the Ultron lamp shade, but wish the lamp itself was a little more imaginative, don't miss this fantastic LEGO playset lamp by Etsy seller brickablocks. It even optionally comes with an Ironman and Thor minifigs.


Does it take a team of heroes to help you get dressed in the morning? Then perhaps you could use this cool dresser from Etsy seller CalderonCustoms.

Drawer Pulls

Etsy seller ThemeMyRoom has a great selection of superhero-inspired drawer pulls. While some come in sets, like the adorable growing Hulk fists, many are also sold individually, so you can assemble your own team of Avengers.

Cutting Board

At long last, Earth's Mightiest Heroes are here and ready to help you make dinner. Etsy seller HeartwarmingGift will even customize the design for you in case you want to give one of these to a superhero-loving friend of yours.

Light Switch Covers

For only five dollars, Yakamaniac can customize your light switch or outlet cover to feature a real page from an Avengers comic book (or a page from one of the related character's comic stories). If you want to use a specific page or just want to DIY it for fun, this Instructable shows that the process is relatively simple.


Your resident avian population may not understand what's so great about The Avengers, but they'll grow to love the heroic team when they start regularly dining from this birdfeeder by Etsy seller BirdFeederGuy.

A Whole Apartment

If you really want your space to show your love for The Avengers though, then you may want to contact Singapore’s Absolook Interior Design, the company that put together this gorgeous apartment dedicated to Marvel's legendary team of heroes.

If you're looking for more great geek furniture and accessories, don't miss our round ups of video game decor, dorky doormats, nerdy bedspreads and gorgeous gaming tables.

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12 Awesome Decor Pieces Inspired by The Avengers
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