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12 Cool Kitchen Tools We Desperately Want But Absolutely Don't Need

There are millions of kitchen gadgets out there, but at least half of them are almost entirely pointless. Of the other half, most are still unnecessary but at least useful on occasion. These twelve items aren't things you actually need to have in even the most well-stocked kitchen -but they still look totally fun to own.

The Imperial Spherificator

The very item that inspired this article, the Imperial Spherificator takes all the guess work out of making those mock-caviar pearls molecular gastronomy fans are crazy about. Just about anything can be turned into caviar-like pearls that pop in your mouth, releasing surprising and delightful flavors. Simply liquefy your ingredients, add them to the Spherificator and then release them into your prepared water solution.


Want a little something extra to spice up your food pearls? How about custom-made foam made of complimentary fresh flavors? The Molecule-R Foam-R can help you make all kinds of foods into light, airy foams.

Sous Vide Temperature Controller

While molecular gastronomy plays with the notion of food science, it's often considered a novelty rather than the future of cooking. Sous Vide on the other hand, is becoming increasingly praised and utilized by chefs around the globe. Unfortunately, most home chefs can't afford a professional sous vide cooker -but this Dorkfood creation allows you to hack a rice cooker, crock pot or any similar appliance into a perfectly temperature-controlled water bath that's ideal for sous vide cooking.

Herb Mill

Dicing herbs is a pain that often takes more time than chopping a pile of vegetables for a dish, but with the Epare Herb Mill, you simply throw the herbs into the mill, twist and enjoy your unbruised, finely-diced herbs.

Spill Stopper

Pan spillovers might be the most frequent cause of stovetop messes and now there's a way to stop them. The KochBlume Spill Stopper is a pretty pot-topper that also stops stovetop spills thanks to its clever inverted design.

Pineapple Slicer

Let's face it, you probably don't eat pineapple often enough to need a special tool in your home dedicated exclusively to preparing it. That being said, these pineapple slicers make coring, peeling and slicing your tropical treats so insanely easy. I actually own one of these and the three times a year or so that I actually use it I am so thrilled to have it. It even leaves you with a good-looking pineapple hull that can be used as a perfectly whimsical cocktail glass.

Watermelon Keg Tap

Sure, you can always carve a watermelon (or pumpkin) into a punch bowl, but why use a ladle out of the top when you can instead turn it into a fun keg? Your guests will be delighted to pour drinks from a festive fruit.

Personal Potato Chip Maker

Wish you could have warm, home-made potato chips on demand? What if they were actually healthy because they didn't require any oil? If you're anything like me, you're probably already falling for the magic of this chip maker which uses the microwave instead of a messy, unhealthy deep fryer.

Sonic Foamer

A good beer just doesn't taste the same at home as it does from the tap of a bar. That's because the keg allows for more heady brews, which brings out the rich aromas of the beer. With this Sonic Foamer, you get that great keg-taste you love right out of the bottle or can at home.

Marinade-Injecting Tenderizer

Using a traditional meat tenderizer flattens out your meat -which is fine in some cases, but not when you want a nice, thick, juicy steak. This incredible tenderizer not only severs tough connective tissue without thinning the meat out, it also allows you to inject your choice of marinade right into the meat itself.

Automatic Food Canning System

Canning at home is a great way to preserve fruits and veggies during their peak season and to discover new and incredible varieties of jams and pickles. Unfortunately, the canning process is slow, hot and messy. With this canning system though, you can have the machine do all the work for you.


A little sprinkle of cinnamon, coco powder or nutmeg can make a nice garnish for your coffee or dessert, and now you don't have to settle for a random dusting. Instead, use the Cinnibird to draw all kinds of fun shapes on your food with your choice of spice.

Want to buy them all? Then don't miss these clever kitchen storage systems so you can make room for all your new goodies.

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8 Cool and Creative Lamps

We've already featured multiple articles loaded with stunning lighting options, but the truth is, there are just way too many amazing lights out there to ever exhaust the subject. So with that in mind, here are 8 more that are too incredible to ignore.

Wooden Cathedral Puzzle

Love putting puzzles together but hate having to put them away again? Then check out this amazing lamp by 1Man1Garage. It starts out as a 3D puzzle and once you put it together you have an absolutely gorgeous lamp.

Art Deco Cthulhu

Artist Karl Dupere-Richer created this impressive tribute to Lovecraft's most famous creature with materials culled from old patio chairs, flower pots, umbrellas, bicycles, pipe, cars, garden hoses and more. The end result is both impressive and spine-tingling, just like Cthulhu.

Industrial Robot

This adorable little robot light by Joseph Barral not only has a lot of character -he also has a lot of uses thanks to his built-in electrical sockets and USB ports.

Edison Bulb Chandelier

This industrial-looking light by LightwithShade looks like some sort of mechanical spider, but the best part is that you can set the position of each individual bulb so you can ensure that every corner of your room has just the right amount of light.


Whether you're a big fan of Ridley Scott's Alien series or just can't get enough of the artwork of H.R. Giger, there's a lot to love about this horrifyingly cool lamp Kreatworks made from discarded machine and vehicle parts.

Knight's Helmet

If you can't afford to buy one of the impressive artist creations on this list, don't despair -you can built this one yourself thanks to Instructable user Mr. Hyde's tutorial. Of course, you'll still need to shop around to find a good-looking and affordable helmet and crankshaft.

Coke Can

It's one thing to make a lamp base from a Coke can, but creating an entire lampshade from pull tabs is what sets License to Craft's creation apart from the competition. If you don't like Coke, she has plenty of other similar lamps made from a variety of beverages including Monster, Coors and Mountain Dew.

Boon Glo

The trumpet-like, color-changing design of this lamp already makes it a fun addition to a child's room, but the real brilliance of this design is the fact that your youngster can grab an LED ball and carry it to light his or her way to the restroom and back (or to light up a potentially monster-filled nook in his or her room).

If you still haven't found the perfect lamp for your taste and space, then be sure to check out our lighting category with all kinds of amazing ways to brighten your home.

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14 Ways to Decorate Your Home With LEGO Goodness

For most people, the word "brick" brings to mind brownish-red construction materials, but for a small segment of die-hard LEGO lovers, the word instead invokes images of colorful toys that can be used to make just about anything. If you fall into the later group, here are a few great ideas on how to deck your house out with all kinds of bricktastic goodness.


Have a boring table you want to spruce up? If it's a rectangle shape, all you need to do is get some LEGOs and a pane of tempered glass in the same size. You can go for random colors for a bright rainbow of hues in your room or be more selective and add your own pattern.

If you don't have the time or patience to make your own LEGO table (or want one with built in LED lighting), then you can always buy a pre-made one on Etsy.

Spice Rack

It would probably be pretty easy to actually build a spice rack with LEGO bricks, but if you really want to make a LEGO creation people will notice from across the kitchen, try using the bottle tops to make a spice rack that looks like a giant LEGO.


Again, you could probably make LEGO coasters pretty easily, but these stone coasters with vintage-style LEGO artwork are pretty irresistible in their own right.


Here's one case where a thing that just looks like it has LEGO bricks on it is a lot better than having a real LEGO creation -after all, those bricks aren't exactly known for being soft and fluffy.

Shower Curtain

It would be pretty hard to build a functional shower curtain with LEGO bricks, but you still have options out there -this Identity Crisis shower curtain is just one delightfully silly choice available.


Because LEGO fit together so perfectly tightly, they can easily be used to make a planter. Even more impressively though, you can build a box around your potted plant to make a cool LEGO park scene like The Bob Blog did here.

Key Holder

Always lose your keys the second you walk into the door? Then keep them stored on your LEGO key holder and you'll never lose them again. Best of all, this Instructable shows it's incredibly easy to make one of these on your own.

Gold Magnets

It's easy enough to stick a magnet on the back of your LEGO and use it on the fridge, but if you want it to look chic as well as geek, follow She's Called Claire's example and spray paint them gold first.


Why get a poster for the LEGO movie when you could instead make your own poster with practically anything on it. This instructable shows how easy it is to make your own custom mosaic in LEGO.


What bathroom theme is complete without some matching soaps? When it comes to LEGO soap, you can either buy these cute bar soaps from Etsy or make a simple and adorable liquid soap dispenser brightened up with colorful LEGO blocks inside.

Picture Frame

No home is complete without a few family photos, but if you want to geek yours up, you might want to store it in one of these cute LEGO picture frames.

Kleenex Holder

Perfect for offices, bedrooms and bathrooms, this LEGO Kleenex box holder is a perfect way to add a little touch of LEGO to something you already have anyway.

Phone Docks

There are all kinds of LEGO phone dock designs online, many with instructions to create your own. We're particularly big fans of these designs by designer Augusto Roberto that not only work great, but also maintain a distinctly block-friendly look.

Via Bit Rebels

Business Card Holder

This cute business card holder is a great addition to any geek desk and the magnetized paperclip holder makes it even more functional.

If you still haven't found quite the perfect LEGO home accessory, then don't miss this list that shows you how to use minfigs to hold your cables or this one that features a LEGO Avengers lamp.

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8 More Storage & Organization Hacks

We've already featured two articles detailing how to make the most of your space, but storage and organization is just so critical in to every home that we simply couldn't stop there. Here are 8 more simple ideas to keep your life clutter free and your home feeling spacious.

Use Hanging Shoe Organizers to Store  Everything

Have too much cleaning stuff under your sink? Tired of the massive block of paper towel rolls filling up your shelves? Invest in a hanging shoe organizer. Use the wall-pocket version to hold under-the-sink cleaners, pantry snacks or kid's school supplies, and use the stacked-shoe-box style to hold your paper towel and toilet paper rolls.

This tutorial on Imperfect Homemaking can even show you how to make your own wall-pocket style organizer if you don't want to buy a pre-made one.

Install Spinning Tables in Your Pantry

Searching through all the jars and cans in the corner of a pantry can be a pain, but with a lazy Susan in each corner, you can just rotate through the items until you find the one you're looking for. Decor Chick shows how easy it is to do.

Use Bungee Cords to Store Sports Balls

Take advantage of the wooden walls in your garage by adding a few U-shaped wood pieces and some bungee cords -now you have a ball-holder just like the ones featured at all the toy stores. Some plain wooden boards can also be added to store fishing rods, paddles and other toys. Designed to Dwell can show you how.

Add A Wire Shelf To Your Garage Ceiling

Similar to storing your gaming balls, this Family Handyman trick takes advantage of the unfinished walls of your garage. Just install a wire shelf under the wooden boards on the ceiling and you have some great out-of-the-way storage that was just going to waste before.

Hang and Label Your Jeans

Let's face it -jeans tend to look alike until you pull them out. But if you hang them up and then label them with a simple tag like Love Bug Living uses, you can immediately identify the right pair of jeans and grab them in only a minute. You can also do this with tees and other pants. It's a great way to cut down on your time getting ready.

Carve a Toothbrush Holder in Your Medicine Cabinet

If you have wooden shelves in your medicine cabinet, why take up extra counter space with a toothbrush holder when you can hang them right behind the door? This Family Handyman tutorial is so simple you'll wonder why you haven't done it yet.

Hang Your Wrapping Paper on the Ceiling

Install a few anchor hooks and galvanized wire in your closet ceiling and you'll be able to hang your wrapping paper out of sight and out of mind until you need it.

Store Board Games on Their Side

Board games are meant to be stored flat, which is fine when you only own a couple, but when you start to get more and more games, they start to stack upon each other and eventually it becomes a nightmare to access any one particular game. As Imperfect Homemaking shows though, wrapping a large rubber band around the box makes storing games on their side simple, which makes grabbing your favorite game worlds easier.

If you still haven't satisfied your need for clean, then don't miss the all of our fascinating storage solutions in our organization category.

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