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10 Crazy Cool Clock Designs

There's never a bad time for cool clock designs and these are some off the most impressive time-telling tools we could find.


This whimsical clock by Mike Mak looks in the direction of the time -the hour on the left and the minutes on the right.

Melting Clock

Whether you're into the concept that time is fluid and relative to the observer or just like the look of Dali's melting clocks, there's a lot to love about this awesome surreal clock sold at ThinkGeek.

Recycled Goodies

Etsy seller Pixelthis has a particular set of skills -making ordinary objects into funky wall clocks. A few of our personal favorites include this iBook, turntable, Kodak Brownie and magnetic tape.

Moon Clock

We love a full moon and now you can have one in your room every night with this cool moon clock that glows in the dark. This clock is great for perfectionists as it actually is a composite image of real photographs of the moon, making it a highly accurate replica of the Earth's favorite nightlight.

Bike Parts Sunburst

For a classic sunburst wall clock with a twist, you could do a lot worse than this gorgeous design by DreamGreatDreams that's made from recycled bicycle spokes and a chain.

Word Clock

It's strange how we describe the time compared to how it is displayed. Cold hard numbers leave no room for our verbal flourishments like "o'clock" or "half past." This fun word clock takes full advantage of our verbal quirks to make a unique and attractive display piece.

Mhin Clock

Some people just love to see their numbers visualized in graph form. With this cool Mhin Clock by James Tobin, your time is displayed as a bar graph rather than in digits.

Origami Clock

Giftedpapers cleverly markets their paper clocks as perfect first anniversary gifts -which they are, but the impressive origami designs are also great for anyone who loves beautiful crafty creations.

Big Gears

A perfect clock for steampunk, mechanical or bicycling fans alike, this cool clock chugs along the large gear to tell you the time in a kinetic, modernist manor.


This cool clock by Robocut Studio makes it look like you have a 3D cube hanging on your wall -emphasizing the idea that time is merely an illusion itself.

Of course, if you have a great clock, you'll need a nice light to be able to read it, so don't miss some of our lists of great lights.

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10 Crazy Cool Clock Designs
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