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16 Brilliant Moving Hacks

Moving is never easy, but it's just one of those things in life that has to be done sometimes. With these simple tricks though you can at least make the process as painless as possible.

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Get Good Boxes

Wine and liquor stores are great place to find boxes that have dividers for glasses and you can often get free boxes on Craigslist from other people who just moved. If you can't find good ones for free though, just head to Home Depot or Lowes where you can buy packs of clean, sturdy boxes for barely anything -it's a lot better than dealing with soiled boxes that are ready to rip at any second.

When you're done moving, don't forget to store your boxes away for your next move or put them on Craigslist to help other people about to move.

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Stop Grocery Shopping

The less food you have when you move, the less you'll have to transport or toss. So make your last shopping trip two weeks before you move and make an effort to eat everything you can from your freezer and fridge before cleaning and defrosting it the day before the big move.

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Change Your Address Early

Assuming you can start receiving mail before you move, change your address at least two weeks prior to the big day. A lot of places require processing time, not to mention that it will give you time to get mail from places you would have otherwise forgot about.

Use Your Existing Suitcases, Baskets, Etc. as Boxes

You're already going to be taking them with you, so why not make them useful. Rolling suitcases are particularly handy for heavy items like books.

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Get Rid of Stuff

Both while packing and unpacking, keep an eye out for stuff you don't use, don't need and don't want. Offer it up to friends or donate it to thrift store -just get it out of your house.

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Use Your Clothing, Towels and Sheets as Padding

Your tees, sheets, towels and sweaters can make great padding in boxes with fragile items. You might need to use some bubble wrap and paper to pad things, but these make great padding and you have to pack them either way. Socks even make great padding for glasses.

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Protect Makeup With a Cotton Ball

No one wants their foundation or eye shadows to crack during a move, but it's all too common during a move. A cotton ball or pad in the packaging will stop things from breaking when they get banged around.

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Plastic Wrap Dresser Drawers

Light dresser drawers can be taped or plastic wrapped in place so you don't need to unpack them. Heavier drawers can be pulled out, wrapped up with the contents inside and then moved without an extra box.

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Slide Your Clothes On Hangers Right Into Garbage Bags

It not only saves you a box, but also makes unpacking as easy as hanging them back up and pulling off the bag.

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Store Your Screws and Bolts in Plastic Bags

When you take apart furniture for the move, store the bolts, screws and other parts in a sandwich bag and then tape them to the pieces of furniture. You may also want to label the bags with a felt pen, just in case they are separated.

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Prep Your Bathroom Ahead of Time

If it hasn't been cleaned in advance, clean it before you move in because you're hardly going to want to scrub toilets after carrying a bunch of boxes in. Additionally, make sure you have a shower curtain, towels, soap and toilet paper ready because you'll want to be able to take a shower and use the toilet when you move in -not have to search around to find these things after you move.

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Pack an Overnight Bag for Your First Night

Put together a bag with a few days worth of clothes, toiletries, medications, cell phone chargers, laptops and paper towels so you don't need to search through all of your boxes to find what you'll need for your first few nights. Also, make a file folder with your insurance documents, birth certificates and other important documents and bring that with you just in case you run into trouble.

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Keep Your Valuables Safe

If you're moving a long distance or hiring movers, protect your smaller valuables like jewelry by packing them separately (maybe even in a lockbox) so you know they're safe. Be sure to keep this box in the car with you.

Take Photos If You Rent

Shoot images of your new place before you move in and your old place after you move out. It's important to document the condition of your rental in case there are any issues while dealing with your deposit.

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Throw A Housewarming Party ASAP

Even if you aren't big on housewarming parties, it's a great way to force you to move in, unpack and clean up quickly. Otherwise you may find yourself still unpacking boxes months later.

Need a little help cleaning up before or after a move? Then don't miss these 16 wonderful cleaning tricks.

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