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11 Rugs to Set Your Home Apart

As The Dude can tell you, a good rug can really tie a room together. These fantastic floor coverings are a great way to add a little more personality to your home.

After Matisse

We love a good collection of colors and this wonderful rug that invokes thoughts of the great modern artist Matisse is adorned with a rainbow of hues.


If you prefer your colors in organized stripes rather than piles of squares, then check out this awesome Rosenberry Rooms rug.

Modular Masterpiece

No matter what size or color you need, EntreDesign can custom-make an impressive modular crochet rug for you out of recycled fabrics from the Portuguese textile industry.

Land Carpet

Most of us can't afford to fly every day, but if you just can't get enough of the views from above, you'll absolutely want to get your hands on these brilliant designs by Florian Puncher. You can even select a view from specific countries.

Worlds Apart

You don't need to invest in a telescope to enjoy the beauty of space -just incorporate this beautiful rug by 2SweetsHomeDecor into your space.

Space Invader

Of course, if you prefer to enjoy your views of space from an arcade cabinet, you won't want to miss this charming rug featuring everyone's favorite 8-bit alien.

Plush Tiger Skin

There was a time that having a dead beast on your floor was the epitome of masculinity. This charming plush tiger skin rug turns that idea on its head and makes it an ideal way to decorate a child's room.

Wooden Bear Skin

If you wish for your own fun hunting trophy rug with a more adult vibe, enjoy this amazing plush bear skin that looks hard wood floor.

Climbing Leopard

Diane Von Furstenburg knows her fans have a wild side, which is why precisely why she introduced this seriously cool leopard rug.

Monarch Fire

Few things are more beautiful than a migration of monarch butterflies and now you can enjoy the sight on a daily basis by bringing them into your home thanks to this rug by Alexander McQueen.

Shadow Steps

Learn to dance the tango while pretending to be on a beautiful cobblestone street in Europe at sunset thanks to this cool black and white design by A/R Design.

If you're looking for a great rug to welcome people to your home (and to wipe your feet on), don't miss our round up of geeky doormats.

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11 Rugs to Set Your Home Apart
9 Fall Home Maintenance Musts

Summer is all but over and as we've all heard, "winter is coming." In order to prep for the upcoming cold weather, there are quite a few things you can do to prep your home and you'll want to start early so you don't have to do them when it's already freezing.

Do Some Yard Work

Autumn leaves are beautiful, but they can also create quite a mess. Rake up excess leaves and compost the leftovers and then mulch the majority of them to add nutrients to your lawn -you may want to sprinkle some over garden beds as well. Once all the leaves have fallen, don't forget to clean out your gutters and inspect them too.

When you're done mulching the leaves, it's time to move on to your garden. Remove the dead annuals and prepare your perennials for winter by adding a layer of mulch, making sure to leave the center of the plant clear to prevent rot. If you want to move your perennials, this is the perfect time of year to do it. Remember to plant or bring in any plants living in clay planters and to empty the dirt from those not in use because freezing temperatures easily crack planters filled with soil.

Lastly, trim your trees to avoid potential problems caused by falling branches during violent winter storms.

Image via Don LaVange [Flickr]

Protect Your Equipment and Outdoor Furniture

Remove or cover any window air conditioning units and put a cover on central cooling units. Clean and then store outdoor furniture and grills or apply protective covers. Clean your mower, leaf blower and weed trimmer and drain the gas tank before putting them away for the season.

Consider Painting

Now that summer's humidity is gone and winter's freeze has yet to set in, it's a perfect time to paint. Even if you aren't considering a new hue, check exterior walls for peeling or blistering paint. If you notice any, you can repair the individual patches or decide to do your whole home anew.

Image via Niklas Morberg [Flickr]

Insulate Your Space

Use a screwdriver around your windows and doors to check for damaged wood trim or weather stripping, then either replace it or use caulk to fill in the holes. Also caulk any air leaks and remove and replace any worn out old caulk. If any window frames are cracked or loose, call a window professional before the cold weather hits.

Switch out window and door screens for storm windows and doors -be sure to store the old screens somewhere safe and dry.

Check Your Heating Sources

Give your furnace a good once-over, checking the pilot light, vacuuming excess dust and changing the filter. If you aren't sure what to do or find a problem, be sure to call a professional to help you.

Next, clean your fireplace and buy plenty of firewood to keep your warm through those chilly winter nights. You may want to bring in a chimney sweep to make sure the inside is as clean as the outside.

Now that you have working heating methods, change the batteries in your carbon monoxide detector or install one if you don't already have one. Furnaces and chimneys are great, but they also can be deadly if they leave your home full of dangerous carbon monoxide and without a detector, you may never know until it's too late.

Lastly, don't forget to change the direction of your ceiling fan to redistribute warm air that has floated up to the ceiling.

Image via Riccardo Cuppini [Flickr]

Locate Your Snow Stuff

From warm clothes to snow shovels, you aren't going to want to hunt around for these things once it's already freezing outside, so locate them and put them in easily accessible locations for the upcoming winter.

Check Your Roof

Few of us give our roofs more than a passing thought throughout the year, but if it starts leaking, it may soon be all you can think about. Look for loose or missing shingles, cracked flashing, leaks, moss or mildew. If you aren't sure what to look for or notice any damage you can't repair yourself, a professional can help.

Image via Steve Johnson [Flickr]

Seal Your Driveway

Check your driveway for cracks. If you see any, clean them out, repair the hole with driveway filler and then apply a commercial sealer. Aside from making the surface look as good as new, this will also prevent further cracking during the chilly winter months.

Image via Write From Karen [Flickr]

Go Shopping

Home maintenance isn't all hard work. September is the best time to go home appliance shopping since manufacturers release their newest models around this time of year, which means big savings on marginally older versions.

Image via tamarasjohnson [Flickr]

This is also the perfect time of year to start getting together and building some epic Halloween decorations. If you really want to scare the kids in your neighborhood, don't miss these amazing over-the-top Halloween decoration ideas.

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8 Amazing Modern Castles

Many of us dreamed of living in a castle when we were younger, but then the reality of living in an old, drafty stone mansion set in and we abandoned those hopes. But not all castles are medieval relics. These beautiful modern structures offer the style and regality of a classic castle without denying their residents modern comforts.


Named for Louis XIV's extravagant palace in France, the Versailles of Kentucky is a perfect home for any American queen or king. Rex and Caroline Martin originally started building the castle back in the 60's, but after the two got a divorce, the property stayed empty until 2003 when it was turned into a B&B. Only a few years later, the elaborate (and entirely renovated) ten bedroom mansion was listed for a whopping $28 million.

Wing's Castle

Recently featured on American Pickers, this elaborate and artistic castle was the brainchild of totally untrained and inexperienced artist Peter Wing and his wife Toni Ann. The fairytale-like castle, and a second one operated as a B&B, remains under construction an amazing 40 years later.

The Alpine Castle

One of the most affordable castles on the list, this beauty was constructed by long-time resident John Pottenger who used only stone, wood and brick in the construction. The 15,000 square foot home features 6 bedrooms, 6.5 bathrooms, a wine room, a theater, a waterfall and a game room. The 4 acre property offers pristine mountain views, a guest house and a private manmade lake. Most impressive of all? The San Diego, CA property sold for just under $1 million in 2014 -a downright bargain.

Oak Brook Castle

This 2009 castle built in Oak Brook, Illinois can be yours right now for $4.2 million. The 5 bedroom, 7.5 bathroom mansion features stone, wrought iron, wood and brick detailing throughout the home with heated floors to keep you cozy. Within the home's 12,000 square feet are a game room, a theater, a gym, a wine cellar, a wet bar, a billiards room and more.

Moussa Castle

Moussa Abdel Karim Al-Maamari became fascinated with castles after helping his uncle renovate a classic castle. Not long after, he bought some property in the Shouf mountains of Lebanon and started building his own castle. The project took over 40 years and Moussa did almost all the work on his own, but in the end, his castle became a true tribute to medieval architecture complete with a moat, drawbridge and ramparts.

Conyers Farm Castle

With 12 acres of land, seven bedrooms, eight fireplaces, a library, tennis courts and more, it's no wonder this stunning castle in Greenwich, CT is selling for $13.5 million. As if the sheer size wasn't impressive enough, the building (still under 30 years old) was painstakingly renovated for the sale making the property as pristine as it is massive.

Eagle Castle

This California castle is perfect for those who love the style of a classic palace, but don't want all that extra space. The beautiful property houses a modest 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, but if you're hoping the reduced space will result in a low price tag, think again -this Paso Robles, CA home listed for $5.9 million the last time it was on the market -when it was purchased by an aspiring winery.

Akimov Castle

Anatoly Galitsky originally dreamed of opening a fairytale-themed cafe to entertain children, but when he couldn't get planning permission to turn his property into a cafe, he instead constructed a residential castle. While all but one of the towers on the home are facades, the smiles on the faces of children and newlyweds who come to visit are most certainly real. Anatoly and his wife gladly offer tours and photo sessions of their house for free -they simply insist visitors call them Shrek and Fiona in return.

Can't get enough castles? Then check out this adorable castle-like tree house or the medieval game room in this list of epic man caves.

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12 Delightful Doctor Who Home Goods

We've already featured a wide array of geek goodies, most notably including two collections of Star Wars stuff, but for those who love their scifi on the Brit side, here are some of the coolest ways to accessorize your home with a little Doctor Who.

TARDIS Murphy Bed

The blogger from The Stubby Thumb has a smaller two-bedroom home. To make the most of her space while still accommodating a guest bed, she opted to add a Murphy bed to the second bedroom -but not just any Murphy bed, this is a TARDIS Murphy bed that truly is bigger on the inside.

Dalek Dresser & TARDIS Bookshelf

Brenna Monroe sent this charming picture of her custom kid's furniture to The Doctor Who Hub. The dresser remains one of the best (and only) pieces of Dalek-inspired furniture out there.

TARDIS Refrigerator

Glass sells this incredible TARDIS refrigerator cover that can be custom built to accommodate any fridge. The "police box" sign area can even be equipped with a door to provide access to your ice maker.

TARDIS Cat Condo

Cats have nine lives, so they're practically Time Lords already -so why not give them their own TARDIS? This adorable cat condo from That Cute Site is an attractive option sure to please humans, cats and Gallifreyans alike.


Want to live inside the TARDIS? With this fun wallpaper available on eBay, you can look up at the wall and feel like you're right at home inside the little blue box.


Of course, you don't need wallpaper when you can just get a police box sign and hang it up on a wall painted in the trademark TARDIS blue.

TARDIS Doorwrap

With this awesome Tardis doorwrap, it's easier than ever to imagine that your room (or even the entire home) is bigger on the inside thanks to Time Lord technology.

Pillow Case

You're sure to have sweet dreams of The Doctor and his crazy intergalactic adventures when you fall asleep on this cosmic TARDIS pillowcase.

TARDIS Throw Pillow

Remind yourself of the pure joy of The Doctor's arrival whenever you relax to watch television with this wonderful TARDIS throw pillow.

TARDIS Shower Caddy

Some people sing in the shower and others plan out the rest of their day, but for those who dream of getting whisked away by a confused, slightly deranged Doctor, this TARDIS shower caddy is a great way to help set the scene.

Sonic Screwdriver Remote

You might not be able to get a real sonic screwdriver that works like The Doctor's, but you can at least pretend to with this fantastic sonic screwdriver that works as a TV remote.

Cyberman Squirrel Feeder

Since there seems to be a definitive lack of Cyberman-related home items, it seems worth mentioning that a little peanut butter, some nuts and a Cyberman mask can make one heck of a squirrel feeder, adding the perfect touch of Whovian style to your garden (particularly when paired with a subtle Weeping Angel statue).

Can't get enough Whovian home stuff? Then don't miss the whole TARDIS-themed room in our round up of scifi rooms that are out of this world.

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