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8 Super Easy Halloween Decorations You Can Make Last Minute

We've been posting a lot of great ways to prepare for Halloween, but if you're a bit of a procrastinator, don't worry you still have time to get decorating. Here are some great ways to get your home ready for Halloween just in time.

Glowing Hands

Here's a creepy trick that looks cool but couldn't be simpler, just take a glass votive candle holder, put in a lit LED flameless tea light, put a rubber glove over the candle holder and then use a straw to inflate it. That's it! These cool hands can make a great addition to any Halloween party or outdoor cemetery display.

Floating Ghosts

Spooky ghosts in your front lawn can be easy and inexpensive to make. Just grab some Styrofoam balls, spray adhesive, garden stakes, black construction paper and light cotton cloth from your local craft store and follow this tutorial from Practically Functional.

Specimen Jars

It's insanely easy to make a cool collection of specimen jars for Halloween. Just round up some interesting items like toy snakes, plastic skeleton parts, cauliflower, vienna sausages, etc., and some old, empty bottles and jars with labels removed (I prefer mason jars, but just about anything will work). Put a few drops of food coloring into the bottom of the jar, drop your "specimens in the jars and then add water up to the rim and seal. You can choose to print out labels, distress them and attach them to the jars with Modge Podge for an extra spooky effect, but unmarked jars look plenty creepy too.

Specimen Wall

This specimen wall looks delightful and is a lot simpler to make than you might imagine. Just buy cheap plastic frames from the 99 cent store along with some fun, spooky specimens and then use a glue gun to put the specimens on the frames.

Bloody Towel

This spooky bathroom decor is as simple to create as you might imagine -just wet your hands in some fake blood and then use a white towel to wipe it away (use an old dumpy one or get a cheap one from your local 99 cent store).

Bloody Window Clings

You can buy pre-made window clings at the store, but this cool DIY can show you how to make your own custom  handprint clings with little more than saran wrap, glue and food coloring.

Plastic Pumpkin Tree Decorations

We're all familiar with the classic orange pumpkin Halloween pails, but the miniature versions make great decorations even if you aren't using them for trick or treating. Just tie the pails to your tree's branches and then put a lit flameless LED tea light on the inside.

Boarded Windows

A little cardboard, some paint and some tape are all you need to make your windows look like they've been boarded up to keep intruders out. Wiccan Make Some Too can show you how.

These aren't our only last minute Halloween decoration ideas, we have more from a few years ago. Of course, if you want to put in a little more time and effort but don't want to feel like your time is being wasted, here are some great decorating ideas that can work for Christmas and Halloween alike.

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8 Super Easy Halloween Decorations You Can Make Last Minute
17 Great Food Ideas for Your Halloween Dinner Party

We previously featured some great ways to decorate your table for a great Halloween dinner party, but if you're looking for some ideas on what to serve, we've got you covered on that end as well.

Frankenstein Dip

This dip is simply to die for -a layer of spinach and artichoke dips adorned with blue tortilla chips.

Spider Deviled Eggs

There are plenty of recipes for spider deviled eggs out there, but this one by The Hair Pin takes the idea to a whole new level of reality.

Batty Wontons

Wontons are always delicious, but they can also make a delightfully spooky snack when adorned with cream cheese, olives and pink peppercorns.

Spicy Bat Wings

There's nothing scary about boring old chicken wings, but serve them in pairs and call them bat wings and now you have a party appetizer worthy of a scream queen.

Monster Mucus

Possibly one of the most disgusting-looking foods on this list, but also most luxurious, this delicious treat simply takes two dozen shucked oysters and serves them in one laboratory tube for chilling effect.

Baked Brie Spiderweb

Not Quite Nigella has tons of Halloween recipes in this great party round up, but perhaps the most delicious and most spooky is this great spiderweb brie snack that seems deceptively simple to make.

Science Lab Dumplings

Served in a test tube and covered in a little chile sesame sauce, these pork and shitake dumplings look downright disgusting, but a quick review of the recipe will convince you that they are anything but.

Carrot Rice Balls

These cute jack-o-lanterns are made mostly with carrots and rice and decorated with black olives and green bell peppers.

Specimen Jars

These may look too real to want to spoon down your throat, but these sweet and savory specimen jars by Evil Mad Scientist Labs are actually entirely delicious delights perfect for any demented dinner party.

Meat Hand

Meatloaf and mashed potatoes make for a great main course and when it happens to look like a roasted human hand -all the better!

Rat Brownie Bites

These nasty treats are surprisingly tasty as they are actually brownies in disguise. Not Quite Nigella can show you how to make them for yourself.

Monkey Brain Cake

Sure it's inspired by an Indiana Jones film, but this terrifying dessert makes a great addition to any ghoulishly great dinner party.

Cake Ball Brains

Are your friends like ravenous zombies? Then load them up with their own private bloody brain. These great cake balls even feature the great effect of gooey cherry blood.

Zombie Brain Jell-o Shots

These delightful Jell-o shots combine the best of both desserts and cocktails with the flavors of raspberries, sweetened condensed milk and hazelnut liquor.

Bloody Syringe Drinks

It's always good to offer a special cocktail alternative for those that don't drink and even better when you can use the ingredients for other cocktails. By loading grenadine into syringes for Shirley Temples, you can also have them ready for tequila sunrises, just keep Sprite, orange juice and tequila on hand for guests to customize their drinks accordingly.

Blood of Vampires

This blood red cocktail is as beautiful as it is spooky and with the amount of booze it contains, it's sure to leave your guests with a haunted feeling the next morning.

Candy Corn Martini

With orange, yellow and white, this tasty cocktail looks just like a piece of candy corn -only drastically more tasty.

Want to put some pumpkins out for your party? Here are some fun and delightfully unconventional carving techniques you may want to try.

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7 Amazing Gravity-Defying Buildings

Some people prefer to keep their feet firmly on the ground, but sometimes people live with their heads in the clouds and these incredible architectural creations are the structural equivalent of the later.

The Balancing Barn, Suffolk

With 50% of this vacation home my MVRDV balancing off the ground, it's amazing the thing can stand, much less support the weight of furniture and a family. As if to prove just how sturdy the structure is, it even features a swing dangling from the far end of the home.

Sharp Centre for the Ontario College of Art and Design, Ontario

Set above the rest of the college like a table placed above a box, this incredible design college looks like it's walking around on stilts. Rod Robbieof Robbie/Young + Wright Architects and Will Alsop of Alsop Architects received all kinds of awards for this crazy creation so their vision certainly paid off.

Timmelsjoch Experience Pass Museum, Austria/Italy

The open-ended museum straddles not only the air and land, but also the Austrian-Italian border, making it a fitting tribute to its surroundings. The building almost looks like a natural feature, resembling a massive, blocky bolder eroded from the hill below after centuries of wear and tear.

Rohner Port Building, Rotterdam

The majority of this impressive building is completely off the ground, with little more than stairs connecting it to the world below. Baumschlager-Eberle constructed the unique design in order to maximize the land space beside the port while still offering the administration ample working space. As a bonus, if the land is flooded (which happens often in the area), the office inside remains safe and dry.

Cube Houses, Rotterdam

One of the most famous architectural attractions in Rotterdam, this crazy housing project features buildings with the tops of the homes turned 45 degrees from the ground. Dutch architect Piet Blom created a distinctive dizzying design that remains popular to this day.

Olympic Stadium, Montreal

Canada's famed stadium that almost left the city of Montreal bankrupt may be considered by many to have been a huge waste of money, but there's no denying that the structure is now one of the most iconic aspects of the Montreal skyline. In fact, the Montreal Tower beside the stadium is the world's largest leaning tower, reaching (and tilting) 575 feet in the air.

The Totally Tilted Apartment, Clermont-Ferrand

Of course, if you really want to defy gravity, it's hard to beat this completely vertical apartment floor plan created as an advertisement for Ikea. On the downside, you can't actually live there.

Love these crazy creations? Then don't miss our roundup of some of the weirdest buildings in the world and if you just want to live in the trees, you'll also enjoy our list of amazing tree houses for adults.

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7 Amazing Gravity-Defying Buildings
8 More Horrifically Haunting Halloween Decorations

Last year we brought you 14 amazing Halloween decorations that might just give your trick-or-treaters nightmares. Because we just can't get enough creepy Halloween goodies though, we've collected a few more horrifically wonderful props to terrify more visitors this October.

Hunchback Skeleton

A step ladder with a paint shelf serves as the base for this surprisingly easy and entirely creepy prop. You can find an entire how-to on Haunt Forum.

Packing Tape Sculptures

The cool thing about this ghostly effect is that it requires little more than packing tape and a little clever lighting. The translucent body is a great way to add ghosts to your graveyard in no time and if you don't have the required mannequin form to make a full size one, you can even just use your own arms to form creepy ghost hands that come out of your walls.

Intricate Headstones

It's easy to get Styrofoam headstones at local retailers, but if you want something that doesn't look totally generic, try making your own. If you want to add a chillingly real accent, you can even use silk flowers with granite spray paint like this Halloween Forum user.

Creepy Crypt

Real graveyards aren't limited to just tombstones, they also feature creepy crypts. Now you can set your fake cemetery apart from the rest with a hauntingly real crypt adorned with the shape of a mourning woman.

Stone Gargoyle Columns

If you're going for a graveyard theme, you may as well make some creepy cemetery entrance columns. With this cool Instructable, you can make your own stone-like columns complete with gargoyles.

Hell Hole

It's always scary to see the dead crawl out of the grave, but when that haunted soul is actually crawling out of hell, that invokes a whole new level of terror. This terrifying effect is sure to scare the pants of your visitors.

Flayed Skin Tablecloth

Plenty of people wish they had more time to enjoy dinner with their families, but far fewer wish they had the chance to eat more meals with the family from Texas Chainsaw Massacre. This tablecloth is sure to terrify your guests just as much as the iconic human-skin apron worn by Leatherface himself.

Boneyard BBQ

If a tablecloth of human skin doesn't seem quite cannibalistic enough for you, then you can always try roasting a human over a spit. This great tutorial from Yard Haunt can show you how to put the whole thing together -including a nice flame to roast your meal on.  

If this still doesn't satiate your Halloween DIY spirit, then don't miss our full Halloween archive where we have some great ideas ranging from pumpkin carving techniques to tastefully creepy table settings.

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