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8 Super Easy Halloween Decorations You Can Make Last Minute

We've been posting a lot of great ways to prepare for Halloween, but if you're a bit of a procrastinator, don't worry you still have time to get decorating. Here are some great ways to get your home ready for Halloween just in time.

Glowing Hands

Here's a creepy trick that looks cool but couldn't be simpler, just take a glass votive candle holder, put in a lit LED flameless tea light, put a rubber glove over the candle holder and then use a straw to inflate it. That's it! These cool hands can make a great addition to any Halloween party or outdoor cemetery display.

Floating Ghosts

Spooky ghosts in your front lawn can be easy and inexpensive to make. Just grab some Styrofoam balls, spray adhesive, garden stakes, black construction paper and light cotton cloth from your local craft store and follow this tutorial from Practically Functional.

Specimen Jars

It's insanely easy to make a cool collection of specimen jars for Halloween. Just round up some interesting items like toy snakes, plastic skeleton parts, cauliflower, vienna sausages, etc., and some old, empty bottles and jars with labels removed (I prefer mason jars, but just about anything will work). Put a few drops of food coloring into the bottom of the jar, drop your "specimens in the jars and then add water up to the rim and seal. You can choose to print out labels, distress them and attach them to the jars with Modge Podge for an extra spooky effect, but unmarked jars look plenty creepy too.

Specimen Wall

This specimen wall looks delightful and is a lot simpler to make than you might imagine. Just buy cheap plastic frames from the 99 cent store along with some fun, spooky specimens and then use a glue gun to put the specimens on the frames.

Bloody Towel

This spooky bathroom decor is as simple to create as you might imagine -just wet your hands in some fake blood and then use a white towel to wipe it away (use an old dumpy one or get a cheap one from your local 99 cent store).

Bloody Window Clings

You can buy pre-made window clings at the store, but this cool DIY can show you how to make your own custom  handprint clings with little more than saran wrap, glue and food coloring.

Plastic Pumpkin Tree Decorations

We're all familiar with the classic orange pumpkin Halloween pails, but the miniature versions make great decorations even if you aren't using them for trick or treating. Just tie the pails to your tree's branches and then put a lit flameless LED tea light on the inside.

Boarded Windows

A little cardboard, some paint and some tape are all you need to make your windows look like they've been boarded up to keep intruders out. Wiccan Make Some Too can show you how.

These aren't our only last minute Halloween decoration ideas, we have more from a few years ago. Of course, if you want to put in a little more time and effort but don't want to feel like your time is being wasted, here are some great decorating ideas that can work for Christmas and Halloween alike.

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8 Super Easy Halloween Decorations You Can Make Last Minute
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