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8 Kitchen Gadgets No One Really Needs

Trying to scale down your life in the upcoming year? Just running out of space in your kitchen? Then stop buying useless gadgets that serve no real purpose and get ones of the ones you have. Here are a few gadgets that no one actually needs in their kitchen.

Specialized Slicers

Whether for avocados, bananas, tomatoes, strawberries, eggs or any other specific food, specialized slicers are always a waste of time and space. You know what else makes a great slicer for these and other foods? A knife -and it will work on practically anything.

Asparagus Peeler

This asparagus peeler will skin your asparagus and clip off those hard tips at the end. That's handy when prepping asparagus. The only problem? Any other peeler and knife would do the same without taking up space in your kitchen for a vegetable that most people eat no more than once a month.

Strawberry Huller

Strawberries can be hulled in seconds with a knife. A plastic straw can also be used in a pinch. So why would you need this bulky huller just for this one particular job?

Ice Cream Sandwich Maker

What's so hard about filling two cookies with ice cream that you need a specific mold to do the job for you? Even if you're really concerned with making the thing look perfect -remember that this tool requires your cookies to be the exact right size to even work right.

Rainbow Cocktail Layering Tool

Layering ingredients in a cocktail can take practice, but it doesn't take a special tool and any bartender will tell you that all you need is a spoon and some patience to master this skill.

The Dipr

Oreos and milk really are a winning combination, but if you dip by hand, you either get your fingers wet or part of your cookie is left dry. The Dipr makes it easy to dip your Oreo and avoid this problem. The only problem is putting a fork through the middle of your Oreo can help you do the same thing and you'll actually use a fork for other things besides eating cookies.

Egg Cracker

There's a reason good products make people question how they lived without the item for so long. An egg cracker on the other hand is something you can live without for the rest of eternity. You know what else cracks eggs? Just about anything.


Perhaps the epitome of a totally useless kitchen gadget, all this strange device does is cook eggs into a tube form. It doesn't seem to cook any quicker than simply scrambling them and it presents the end result in a totally unappetizing shape. Oh, and according to the Amazon reviews, the thing breaks easily too.

Of course, we'll be the first to admit that some useless kitchen gadgets are just plain fun. Here is our round up of other gadgets you don't really need, but could probably enjoy playing with anyway.

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8 Kitchen Gadgets No One Really Needs
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