7 Amazing Gravity-Defying Buildings

Some people prefer to keep their feet firmly on the ground, but sometimes people live with their heads in the clouds and these incredible architectural creations are the structural equivalent of the later.

The Balancing Barn, Suffolk

With 50% of this vacation home my MVRDV balancing off the ground, it's amazing the thing can stand, much less support the weight of furniture and a family. As if to prove just how sturdy the structure is, it even features a swing dangling from the far end of the home.

Sharp Centre for the Ontario College of Art and Design, Ontario

Set above the rest of the college like a table placed above a box, this incredible design college looks like it's walking around on stilts. Rod Robbieof Robbie/Young + Wright Architects and Will Alsop of Alsop Architects received all kinds of awards for this crazy creation so their vision certainly paid off.

Timmelsjoch Experience Pass Museum, Austria/Italy

The open-ended museum straddles not only the air and land, but also the Austrian-Italian border, making it a fitting tribute to its surroundings. The building almost looks like a natural feature, resembling a massive, blocky bolder eroded from the hill below after centuries of wear and tear.

Rohner Port Building, Rotterdam

The majority of this impressive building is completely off the ground, with little more than stairs connecting it to the world below. Baumschlager-Eberle constructed the unique design in order to maximize the land space beside the port while still offering the administration ample working space. As a bonus, if the land is flooded (which happens often in the area), the office inside remains safe and dry.

Cube Houses, Rotterdam

One of the most famous architectural attractions in Rotterdam, this crazy housing project features buildings with the tops of the homes turned 45 degrees from the ground. Dutch architect Piet Blom created a distinctive dizzying design that remains popular to this day.

Olympic Stadium, Montreal

Canada's famed stadium that almost left the city of Montreal bankrupt may be considered by many to have been a huge waste of money, but there's no denying that the structure is now one of the most iconic aspects of the Montreal skyline. In fact, the Montreal Tower beside the stadium is the world's largest leaning tower, reaching (and tilting) 575 feet in the air.

The Totally Tilted Apartment, Clermont-Ferrand

Of course, if you really want to defy gravity, it's hard to beat this completely vertical apartment floor plan created as an advertisement for Ikea. On the downside, you can't actually live there.

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