8 Easy Ways to Brighten Your Home

After Daylight Savings Time starts everything starts to feel a little cooler and look a little darker. If your home has started to feel dark inside, here are some simple ways to make your place look brighter even when the sun doesn't come out for weeks at a time.

Rework Your Windows

If you live in a particularly chilly area, you might need thick, insulating curtains and storm windows. If you don't though, opening up your window areas could allow more natural light in, making your home feel more warm and inviting. Try removing screens from your windows to bring in more light (since you probably won't have the windows open anyway. Make sure your curtain rods are installed a few inches past the window frame on each side to ensure light can get past the curtains when they are open. Also, try replacing your curtains with something sheer and white to let warm light in even when the curtains are closed.

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Don't do just your usual dishes and floors cleaning routine, but clean your windows, walls and light fixtures. You'd be surprised how much grime can build up on these items and how much cleaner and brighter things will look just by wiping them clean again.

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Change Up Your Lights

Replace old, yellow bulbs with bright white LED ones. And if you don't have enough lights already, add some!

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Add Mirrors

Sometimes you might not need a new light, but just a wall mirror to reflect some of that light back through the rest of your home. As a bonus, mirrors are a great way to get your home feeling more spacious.

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Aim Low

At least, when it comes to furniture. Shorter items block less light, leaving your space to feel brighter and more open. If you do have some tall, dark and handsome furniture, put it against a wall and make sure to keep it away from the windows where it will block out your much-needed light. Also, try to stick with light-colored furniture that absorb all of your light.

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Bring In Some Plants

Flowers and house plants can add a little touch of nature to your home and make it feel brighter. Even better, they'll also breathe some fresh air to your home, which can be a welcome addition when your doors and windows stay closed throughout the winter.

Image via Martin Olsson


Dark rooms look dark. The solution? Paint them lighter colors. If the room is already light but you have dark, oppressive wood floors, try adding some light-colored rugs around to add a little color and cheer to your space.

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Tear Down A Wall

Obviously this solution won't work for everyone, but if you have a non-structural wall blocking off an area, opening it up can make the place feel bigger and brighter.

Image via Jeremy Lavine

As a final touch, consider adding some of these space-inspired designs into your home and enjoy the beauty and brightness of the cosmos all day long.

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