8 More Horrifically Haunting Halloween Decorations

Last year we brought you 14 amazing Halloween decorations that might just give your trick-or-treaters nightmares. Because we just can't get enough creepy Halloween goodies though, we've collected a few more horrifically wonderful props to terrify more visitors this October.

Hunchback Skeleton

A step ladder with a paint shelf serves as the base for this surprisingly easy and entirely creepy prop. You can find an entire how-to on Haunt Forum.

Packing Tape Sculptures

The cool thing about this ghostly effect is that it requires little more than packing tape and a little clever lighting. The translucent body is a great way to add ghosts to your graveyard in no time and if you don't have the required mannequin form to make a full size one, you can even just use your own arms to form creepy ghost hands that come out of your walls.

Intricate Headstones

It's easy to get Styrofoam headstones at local retailers, but if you want something that doesn't look totally generic, try making your own. If you want to add a chillingly real accent, you can even use silk flowers with granite spray paint like this Halloween Forum user.

Creepy Crypt

Real graveyards aren't limited to just tombstones, they also feature creepy crypts. Now you can set your fake cemetery apart from the rest with a hauntingly real crypt adorned with the shape of a mourning woman.

Stone Gargoyle Columns

If you're going for a graveyard theme, you may as well make some creepy cemetery entrance columns. With this cool Instructable, you can make your own stone-like columns complete with gargoyles.

Hell Hole

It's always scary to see the dead crawl out of the grave, but when that haunted soul is actually crawling out of hell, that invokes a whole new level of terror. This terrifying effect is sure to scare the pants of your visitors.

Flayed Skin Tablecloth

Plenty of people wish they had more time to enjoy dinner with their families, but far fewer wish they had the chance to eat more meals with the family from Texas Chainsaw Massacre. This tablecloth is sure to terrify your guests just as much as the iconic human-skin apron worn by Leatherface himself.

Boneyard BBQ

If a tablecloth of human skin doesn't seem quite cannibalistic enough for you, then you can always try roasting a human over a spit. This great tutorial from Yard Haunt can show you how to put the whole thing together -including a nice flame to roast your meal on.  

If this still doesn't satiate your Halloween DIY spirit, then don't miss our full Halloween archive where we have some great ideas ranging from pumpkin carving techniques to tastefully creepy table settings.

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