Make The Most of Your Space With This 45° Lamp

Even in the most jam-packed house, there is still one area hardly utilized -the space where the walls connect to the ceiling. Thanks to designer Tuomas Auvine though, you can now make the most of even this space with his clever 45° light.

"One day when entering an empty apartment, I wondered why the corners and angles were not better exploited, and then I came up with the idea for 45°," said Auvinen.

The design was specifically crafted to fit right into the edges of any room and floods the space with light. While the rear of the light is constructed at a 90° to fit in corners, the light itself shines out at a 45° angle no matter where the piece is placed -hence the name.

Of course, just because the design was intended for the angles of the room doesn't mean you need to tuck the light away. Even placed in the center of the floor, the modern design is both attractive and functional.

Via Trend Hunter

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"Make The Most of Your Space With This 45° Lamp"

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