Sun, Wind, Surf and Sauna All At Once

Spring is a great time to be outdoors -the weather is warming up, but you still aren't hit by the oppressive summer heat. Unfortunately, in most places, it's still too cool to head over to your nearest natural body of water and take a dip. Of course, if you have a Saunalautta, you might not feel that way. That's because the delightful creations feature a fully functional sauna so you can cool down and heat back up, or go the more traditional route and build up a good sweat before jumping into the the icy waters below.

While there are a few pictures of Saunalauttas online, this multi-deck raft is particularly impressive as it is also fitted with a propane grill, three decks and three hammocks so you can really make the most of those cool days and steamy nights.

Unsurprisingly, Saunalauttas come from the country best known for its love of saunas, Finland. What is surprising is that this impressive raft was built and designed not by professionals, but just a group of friends with a good love of steam, water and sunshine. 

Best of all, the group even opened their delightful creation up to the public so anyone can rent it -well, anyone who visits Joensuu. If you do decide to take a plunge on a Saunalautta in its native land, may I suggest renting between late May and early September as few who aren't Finnish will be able to handle the icy chill of the area's frozen waters -even with a sauna to warm them up.

Via My Modern Met

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"Sun, Wind, Surf and Sauna All At Once"

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